Shark Sightings in Panama City Beach – Staying Safe

People are almost as fascinated by sharks as they are by dolphins, but for very different reasons. While Flipper created a firm memory in our minds of dolphins as playful, entertaining, and intelligent, Jaws reminded us that sharks are fierce, fast, and deadly to their prey.

Conveniently, despite the stories that happen every year, sharks aren’t particularly interested in humans. They occasionally mistake humans as their prey, which can result in shark attacks, but experts like Dr. John Carlson, research biologist, say that other marine life, like stingrays, are much more potentially dangerous.

hammerhead shark swims in clear waters over white sand

There have been a few shark sightings this year in the Panama City Beach area. More hammerhead sharks than normal have been active in the area, leading to multiple sightings, and in mid-May, a mako shark beached itself in the early hours of the morning, causing surprise. Local residents worked to save the shark and get it back out into the water, but after it was in open waters, it beached itself again. At that point, NOAA Fisheries Services were called.

While the risk of being attacked by a shark in the waters of the Gulf are very low, there are a few things that swimmers can do to make those small risks even smaller. A few ideas:

  • Don’t swim in the early hours of the morning or after dark. It’s harder for both people and sharks to see, which can make situations more dangerous. Sharks may mistake people for prey and try to feed.
  • Don’t swim near fishers using bait. Smaller sharks are often caught with bait, and can also be attracted to the fish that are being harvested.
  • Take off your jewelry before you swim. One way sharks identify prey is by the flash of light off their shiny scales, and a shark doesn’t know about necklaces.

While it is not legal to harvest hammerhead sharks while fishing, there are several other species of shark that are fishable on our inshore and offshore fishing trips. Our captains have years of experience in the area and also watch local developments of sightings and hot spots, so we do everything possible to put you on fish that are legal to either catch and release or harvest. We also have great suggestions on where the best places are to see fish swimming in their natural habitats. One of the best things about the waters off Florida’s Emerald Coast is that they’re so clear, you can see quite a ways down. There are many sights here that visitors assume they’ll only be able to see in attractions. But seeing wildlife in their natural environments will always be more inspiring than in a tank.

stingray rests on the sand, hard to see on the pale sand

Shark activity seems to be a little more regular off Panama City Beach this year than in years past. Remember that shark sightings do not make you any less safe. Hammerheads are not known to be a danger to humans, and the precautions we mention above are just that – precautions. In fact, Dr. Carlson’s biggest tip for staying safe in the water? Shuffle your feet as you walk in the water. This will frighten off any stingrays that are floating along the white sands that line our beaches. You’re in much more danger from a stingray than you ever will be from a shark.

Staying Safe On Your Beach Vacation

When you start planning your beach vacation in Panama City Beach, you probably don’t think about all the things that could go wrong. We don’t want you to! Your vacation should be a time to relax, kick back, and enjoy yourself.

But that said, there are a few simple things you can do to make your vacation more enjoyable, more pleasurable. They involve avoiding some of the common but deadly dangers at the beach, and they won’t ruin your fun at all. Let’s take at how to keep your vacation fun and safe at the same time.

Recognize the signs of drowning

If you’ve only ever seen someone in water distress or drowning in a Hollywood movie, you’ve never seen what it really looks like when someone’s drowning. There’s no flailing, no screaming, no begging for help. In many cases of drowning, in fact, the adults nearby have no idea that the person is drowning.

If you’re taking your kids near water, familiarize yourself with the real signs of drowning. Lifeguards have put together instructional videos designed to help parents recognize the signs of water distress or drowning in their kids. One great test – if you think someone’s drowning, ask “Are you okay?” If they can answer you, they’re probably fine. If not? Kids can slip under the water in thirty seconds. Get to them, and get there fast.

Be careful of holes on the beach

Digging holes in the sand is one of those quintessential joys of childhood, but if you’re not careful, joy can turn into tragedy. Every year, a few kids are killed when a hole that they’ve been digging collapses, trapping them under pounds of sand and suffocating them. A couple quick guidelines can keep everyone safer:

  • don’t dig holes that are deeper than the knees of the shortest person in your group
  • fill in any holes you dig before you leave the beach
  • if someone is trapped in sand, do not crowd them. Get immediate help, but the more people trying to excavate a person, the more pressure is put on the sand around them, and the more difficult it is to make progress.

Always have sunscreen

Sunscreen seems like an obvious choice every time you go to the beach, but it’s amazing how many people forget. Sunscreen is important on vacation for some obvious reasons; the first is that getting a sunburn is horrible, and can ruin your vacation. The second is that every time you damage your skin, you make it more likely you’ll eventually get skin cancer. Use sunscreen with the right SPF for you, and reapply regularly. Take breaks out of the sun to give your body a chance to cool off and rest.

Remember as well that the FDA recommends against using spray sunscreen on children because they’re not sure that the chemicals are safe for kids to breathe in.

Be aware of sunstroke

Heat exhaustion happens when your body gets too warm, and becomes dehydrated and loses salt. Symptoms include tiredness, weakness, and muscle cramps. Sunstroke or heatstroke is the next level of complication; the body becomes so affected that it loses the ability to regulate its temperature.

If untreated, heatstroke can be fatal.

Avoiding heatstroke is simple for most people who aren’t working or exercising in the sun. Basically, drink plenty of fluids, take breaks out of the sun to cool down, and avoid sunburns, as they affect your body’s ability to cool off. Be very cautious if someone in your group begins to vomit or seems confused or delirious. Young children in particular can be quickly affected by sunstroke, with catastrophic results.

You should also never leave a child in a parked car, especially in warm weather. Put something in the back seat along with your child to prompt you to look back there. Experts suggest your left shoe; you’ll quickly notice that you’ve forgotten something if you try to walk off with only one shoe on.

Water safety

At Adventures At Sea, we of course follow all Florida laws regarding safety on the water. Sometimes, this means requiring your party to wear life jackets. We know that people sometimes find them annoying, but we’ve also found that people tend to think of old, awkward, bulky life jackets. In recent years, designs have changed dramatically, and staying safe out on the water is much more comfortable than it used to be. And, after all – even strong swimmers can experience disaster. It could happen to anyone, and we want to make sure you stay safe.

Your beach vacation can be fantastic and fun. By making just a few small changes, you can also make sure it stays perfectly safe.

Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Florida’s Gulf Coast

May in Panama City Beach means lots of different things to different people. From the end of Spring Break season to the beginning of the most exciting parts of summer, May is a busy time. But for nesting sea turtles, this time of year has a very different meaning.

While sea turtles can begin to nest in southern parts of Florida as early as March, on the Gulf Coast, the season tends to begin in May. Here are five things you may not have known about nesting sea turtles:

  1. All species of sea turtles are currently endangered. Due to natural predators as well as human-caused factors like pollution, construction, and artificial lighting, fewer than one in a thousand sea turtles survives to adulthood.
  2. It can take between 15 and 50 years for a sea turtle to be mature enough to mate and lay eggs.
  3. While sea turtles travels hundreds of thousands of miles, living their lives in the ocean, they almost always return to the same beach where they were hatched to lay their eggs.
  4. Sea turtles are prehistoric reptiles that have existed for about one hundred million years.
  5. The biggest danger to hatchling sea turtles isn’t predators, but artificial lighting. Hatchlings navigate to the sea by orienting towards the brightest light, which should be the moon reflecting on the open ocean. Outdoor lighting that faces the beach can confuse them and cause them to get lost before they can reach the water. Hatchlings that don’t get into the water very quickly are at risk of death.

Florida is where the vast majority of American sea turtles make their nests, so as a visitor or resident of Florida’s coastal areas, what can you do to help protect the local sea turtle population?

  • If you’re renting a condo or property along the beach, turn off your lights at night. This will help keep any hatchlings from getting confused and heading in the wrong directions, and will also allow sea turtles to make their nests in peace.
  • During the months of sea turtle nesting season, May to October, avoid walking on the beach at night if you can. If you need to walk on the beach, do not use a flashlight or light from your smartphone.
  • If you find a turtle building her nest, do not disturb her. Do not take flash photography or go near her at all. If you frighten her, she’ll head back to the water and drop her eggs there, which means that all the eggs will be lost.
  • If you find a turtle nesting, or find a nest that’s already been laid, call the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission at (888)404-3922. This number is toll free and is a 24 hour hotline. Trained volunteers will then be able to come to mark and protect the nest, increasing the chances that the hatchlings will survive.

Want to know more about sea turtle nests and hatchings in Panama City Beach? You can track what’s happening with sea turtles at Panama City Beach’s Turtle Watch. The site hasn’t been updated with 2016 statistics as of this writing, but you can see what the organization has done historically, and see videos of the previous nest hatchings.

If you are a school or teacher in the area, find out about the organization’s Adopt-a-Nest program to have the chance to see the inside of a sea turtle’s nest.


Planning the best weekend getaway with kids

As a parent, you may be accustomed to looking forward to school vacations with nervousness. Kids love school breaks, but parents sometimes struggle to fill the time between school bells without everyone getting incredibly antsy. Even long weekends can be difficult to fill. So what can parents do to plan the best weekend getaway with kids?

Plan Fun Activities

If you’re coming to Panama City Beach for a long weekend, or if you live in the area and are looking for something exciting to do with your kids when you have some downtime, there’s plenty of options with Adventures at Sea. Going on a dolphin watch is of course a classic way to spend your water time on the Florida Gulf Coast, but depending on the age and interests of your kids, you might find that there’s something else they have in mind. Maybe they would be excited by the peace and adventure of a fishing trip, or the thrill of splashing through the waves on one of our banana boats.

Not sure what your kids might like? Get in touch! With our years of experience in the region, we’ll be able to give you plenty of suggestions.

But Don’t Overplan

You may be worried that your kids will be bored on your weekend getaway, which can lead you to planning something exciting for every single moment. We’ve absolutely found, however, that overplanning on vacation leads to overtired, overstimulated kids who meltdown at the worst possible moments.

Whether you’re planning for a day trip, a weekend excursion, or a longer vacation, make sure that every day includes both an activity and downtime. For maximum relaxation, consider renting one of our lounge chairs so that you can supervise your children’s sandcastle building from the shade.

Talk To Your Kids About What They’ll Enjoy

Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, it’s a good idea to get their input on what they might enjoy on their Gulf Coast vacation. You might be thinking dolphins, only to find out that they’d rather take a chance on learning how to sail or seeing the beach from a bird’s eye view while parasailing. Or maybe they think that the beach sounds boring, and they’d rather spend some time at one of the many other fun parks and entertainment areas in PCB. One truth about traveling with kids is that the adults are going to be happier when the kids are happier. Get their input, and try to do at least one or two things that speak directly to their interests.

Find Kid Friendly Food

There’s lots of seafood in PCB, since we’re located right on the coast, but there’s plenty of other options for kids, too. Keep your eyes out for a few restaurants that have food that your kids will enjoy, if they’re not the fish-friendly type. After all, hungry kids turn into melting down kids, very very quickly.

But that doesn’t mean that kids can’t enjoy fresh seafood. After all, rejecting fish fingers is very different than rejecting a fish that you caught just a few hours before, and there are more than a few restaurants in the area that will prepare your catch for you. Especially with tweens and teens, that might be enough to tip them into being willing to try their first shark or tuna steak.

Remember To Enjoy Yourself

Traveling with your family is hard work. Whatever your plans are with your kids, make sure to take some time out to do something that you’ll enjoy, whether that’s adventuring on a Jet Ski or making time to relax on the beach and soak up some sun.

What are you going to do on your next Panama City Beach weekend getaway with the kids?

Visiting Dolphins in Panama City Beach

There are many reasons people come to Panama City Beach for vacations. From our new and improved family friendly reputation to the wonderful year-round weather, this area of Florida is a great place to spend your time. But one of the specific reasons it’s great to travel here is visiting dolphins. In Panama City Beach, we have the lucky benefit of being able to take visitors out to see wild dolphins playing in their natural habitat.

Many people believe that, in order to see dolphins up close, they need to go to one of the many water parks in the Panama City Beach area which cater to tourists and visitors. At Adventures at Sea, we know the truth: the people who want to visit wild dolphins schedule a tour with a knowledgeable company and see them up close, the way nature intended.

Visiting Wild Dolphins

In Panama City Beach, there are several different species of dolphin that we encounter, but the most common dolphins – and the most well known – are bottlenose dolphins. Usually ranging from six to twelve feet long and living for as much as fifty years, these dolphins are considered to be very intelligent, and have been known to help injured people in the water as well as assisting with fishing operations.

Inshore dolphins tend to live in groups of about 10. They also make different sounds, including clicks, squawks, and whistles, their “signature sound.”

Why Do We Love Visiting Dolphins

Throughout human history, we’ve told stories about dolphins and the way that they tend to partner with human beings. We’ve considered them mystical beings, whether they’re saving drowning sailors or saying goodbye to humanity right before the planet is destroyed (and saying thanks for the fish!).

It’s no wonder that people travel all the way to the Gulf Coast of Florida to see dolphins up close and in person, but it’s our opinion that the real dolphin experience is to be had out on the waters of the Gulf.

Visiting Dolphins in Panama City Beach

Ready To Visit Dolphins?

If you want to make sure to see dolphins in person this summer, you want to schedule a trip with Adventures at Sea. There are many different ways we schedule tours, including:

  • WaveRunner Tours let you get close to the water and feel the spray on your face as we tour out to Shell Island and then go searching for schools of dolphins.
  • Boat Cruises let you relax and put your feet back as we do all the hard work for you. Want to enjoy the sun and let our captains take you to the places we know that the dolphins love to explore? This trip will give you exactly what you want and need.

When you want to visit dolphins in Panama City Beach without any worry that you’re not seeing the real truth of what dolphins are and can be, you need to visit the dolphins in their own habitat. While seeing them at the local attractions can be great for kids, or if you want to be able to swim with dolphins and feed them directly, there’s nothing that compares to seeing them in the expansive waters of the ocean.

Call us today to schedule your trip out to see dolphins where they love to be!

Visit the Best of Panama City Beach

The famous travel site Tripadvisor has announced its 2016 list of the best beaches in the United States, and we’re more than thrilled to say that Panama City Beach made the top 10 list! Citing our sugar white sand and the chance of seeing dolphins playing on the horizon, the site used comments from users to help make its decision.

To add to the awesomeness of seeing our beach as one of the best in the U.S., we thought we’d suggest some of the other best places you should check out in PCB. Here’s the best of Panama City Beach, neatly compiled just for you!

Best Restaurants in Panama City Beach

Wondering where you should stop for a meal after an exciting morning on a Jet Ski or sailing out to see dolphins? Tripadvisor recommends:

  1. Andy’s Flour Power, a local cafe that serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The menu features all your favorites, from omelets to skillets at breakfast to sandwiches and salad for lunch. All the 5-star ratings say you’ve got to give this place a try.
  2. Liza’s Kitchen is located close to the beach and offers dog friendly outdoor seating. The menu focuses on sandwiches, salads, and soups, and reviewers love them!
  3. David’s Sno-Balls is the place to go if you want New Orleans style poboys and beignets in the warm sunshine of Panama City Beach. The muffalettas turn up frequently in reviews as must-trys.
  4. Finn’s Island Style Grub features a variety of fare, from fish tacos to chicken burrito bowls. A blend of Mexican, American, and Caribbean food with plenty of vegetarian options.
  5. Firefly is a great place to go if you want a dinner with a little more ambiance. With a wide variety of cuisine and tempting options, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. You can book online with Open Table, and the restaurant offers an early bird special for those who dine before 6:30, according to the website.

Best Seafood in Panama City Beach

But maybe you’re looking for something a little more fishy for your dinner – assuming, of course, that you’re not planning to catch your own – and want to know more about the best seafood in PCB? Tripadvisor has you covered there, too:

  • Firefly, one of the top 5 best restaurants overall, is also #1 when you search for seafood in Panama City Beach. Definitely a great place to try out!
  • Saltwater Grill offers seafood, Creole and Cajun cooking, as well as American fare. Both the Early Bird and the Main Menu are listed online, with reviewers noting that gluten-free options are clearly marked.
  • Dusty’s Oyster Bar & Dining is a great stop if you’re looking for some great food with a different sort of feel. Reviewers always mention the quality of the oysters and the quirky wallpaper of dollar bills.
  • Salty Sue’s offers seafood and barbecue with a big menu of options to try out. Reviewers compliment the simplicity of the atmosphere and the quality of the food.

If you’re still not sure where you want to eat after your next Panama City Beach adventure, ask us on your trip or tour. We’re happy to give personalized recommendations; everyone at Adventures at Sea has been in the area for years, and we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

Have you had a great meal in Panama City Beach? Tell us about it down below!

Join Us For Family Friendly Panama City Beach Vacations!

Let’s tell the truth: Panama City Beach has something of a reputation when it comes to Spring Break. In March and April, there have been times in the past where things have gotten a little too intense. The whole community has come together, however, to revamp things in the spring and make it clear that we’re here for your family friendly Panama City Beach experience.

New laws were passed in PCB last summer which go into effect this spring. The laws state that people can’t consume alcohol on our white sand beaches, that the closing time for bars will be earlier than it was previously, and that drinking in parking lots will be prohibited.

What this means for your family is that, if you’re traveling with kids, you shouldn’t see some of the problematic behavior that has concerned people in the past.

Wondering about some of the upcoming events that your kids might love, if you’re coming to PCB this spring?

The lineup for SpringJam has been announced, and includes Jamie Lyn Spears and Rascall Flatts.

If you like your music just a little smoother, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival will be something to see in late April.

Horse crazy kiddos will have a great chance to see a beautiful horse show, with proceeds going to charity.

And if you want to hear some of the best choral music around, then you need to see the amazing performances at the Panama City Beach Music Festival.

And that’s beyond all the exciting things that always happen in Panama City Beach, from kid friendly attractions to stimulating their imaginations.

If you’re traveling with your kids, it’s a good idea to call ahead and talk to the hotel or condo that you’re planning to rent. Ask them honestly, do they have a family friendly atmosphere? When do things usually quiet down? Check reviews on Yelp and other sources to make sure reviews agree with what you’re hearing from the business itself.

Make sure you’re planning activities that your kids will enjoy! Traveling with frustrated kids is a hassle for everyone, both you and them. Think about when your kids are going to be most relaxed and excited, and plan the fun part of your day at that point. If everyone’s a little tired and overwhelmed after lunch, plan to spend that time relaxing near your hotel’s pool, for example, rather than out in the sun on the beach again.

If you’re not sure what your kids will enjoy, give us a call! We’ve been doing this for years, and we’re happy to help you figure out what times and activities will be best for your family. From a boat cruise to see dolphins in their natural habitat to the chance to see the beach from high above on a parasail, we can give you suggestions on how to prepare them for what the trip will be like, what you might want to bring along to keep it fun for everyone, and how to make it a big success.

The long and the short of it is that we want everyone who comes to Panama City Beach to have a fantastic time. Looking for tips on how to make your PCB vacation more family friendly? Give us a call! We’re glad to help you plan.

Play Sports in Panama City Beach!

People come to Florida’s Emerald Coast for so many reasons. To see the gorgeous white sands beaches. To swim near dolphins. To experience the ocean for the first time. Now, more than every, people are choosing to visit to play sports in Panama City Beach.

Frank Brown Park, a local park that focuses on offering softball, swimming, soccer, and baseball events to visitors and residents, has recently announced a number of upgrades that they say will bring the park up to state of the art. Upgrades will include a new operations building, new dugouts, and new fencing. By 2018, they will also add a new sports village to their portfolio.

If you’re visiting Panama City Beach for spring break, or live in the area and wonder what you might want to do on a beach all day, we have a variety of fun suggestions for sports to play on the beach! Here are just a few ideas:


A beach side classic, volleyball nets dot the beach throughout Panama City Beach. Play a pick up game with whoever is there, or bring your friends and a ball to play. Run, dive into the sand, and then splash into the waves to cool off. It’s a favorite for a reason!

If you’re visiting the area, many of the hotels and condo rental buildings in the area have volleyball courts, just check their amenities.

And if you’re looking for a more formal volleyball experience in the area, check out the Emerald Coast Volleyball Club in nearby Fort Walton.

Ultimate Frisbee

If you still think of Frisbee as the goofy game that people in the 70s played with neon plastic discs, you need to pay attention: the sport has come a long way. From disc golf courses (Joe Moody Harris Park has a nine hole course) to Ultimate Frisbee leagues on the beach, these plastic discs have kept pace with modern sports. You’ll have tons of fun playing with your friends, or making brand new friends through the sport. Plus, if you need a Frisbee while you’re in town, many different restaurants use them as plates and souvenirs! You’ll never have to walk far to find one.


If you want the rush of extreme sports without the danger, you need to schedule a parasailing trip. While this is just one of the many rides we offer through Adventures at Sea, there’s nothing else quite like it. Parasailing is great for everyone, from people who’ve always wanted to fly but aren’t ready to try parachuting to those who just want to see the beach from a bird’s eye view. You can capture amazing photos or videos, or keep the entire experience for yourself. Either way, we’re sure you’ll love it. Go up on your own, or with someone whose hand you want to hold.

Whatever brings you to Panama City Beach, make sure to plan a little bit of time to do the thing that you love most, whether that’s engaging in some extreme, adrenaline inducing sports, luxuriating on the beach, or working up a sweat on the soccer field, Panama City Beach has you covered. We’re the Florida destination for spring break vacationers, but we are also a great space for families all year round.

Get in touch with us today to start planning the exciting adventures you’ll enjoy on your Panama City Beach excursion!

Panama City Beach Coupons and Deals!

There’s nothing quite like a Florida vacation. From theme parks to water sports, there are tons of different ways to approach the adventure – but one thing we know is that it can start to get pricey. At Adventures at Sea, we’ve compiled a list of Panama City Beach coupons and deals that can help you stretch your vacation budget just a little farther. You can see the full list at the link above, but we wanted to highlight a few special deals that you’ll want to check out!

Local Guests

If you’re staying with at one of the many vacation condo rental spots in Panama City Beach, we offer coupons to many of their guests. If you’re staying with:

  • Sandpiper Beacon
  • Grand Panama
  • Boardwalk
  • Holiday Inn
  • Landmark
  • Sugar Sands
  • Origin at Seahaven
  • Chateau
  • Venture Out
  • Pelican Walk

then you can save 25% off when you book your adventure online. Tour the spots where dolphins play, visit Shell Island, go fishing, or enjoy a sunset cruise out on the water. The options are endless. If there’s something you want to do that you don’t see listed on our bookings, call us and talk; we may be able to find a solution.

Please note that you’ll be asked to show your room key when you claim your reservation.

Students, Law Enforcement, and Military

Whether you’re a local resident or visiting on vacation, we thank members of the military for their service with a special discount. When you book online, you’ll get a 15% discount on your reservation. When you come in for your adventure, we do ask that you show your military ID. Law enforcement officers also receive a 15% discount.

And Panama City Beach isn’t called the #1 Spring Break Resort for nothing! Whether you’re here during Spring Break, or visiting during the rest of  the year, students receive a 15% discount when they book online. Again, we do ask that you show your student ID when you come in for your adventure.


Staying with friends? Local resident looking for a parasailing adventure or deep sea fishing trip between now (December) and March, you may be eligible for a 20% discount on your booking.

Other Panama City Beach Coupons

Looking for other sorts of deals in the Panama City Beach area? We know what you’re looking for. Here’s the Groupon page for our area, complete with restaurants, bars, and local night life spots. You can also find deals for spas and beauty salons or health and fitness locations. If you’ll be in PCB for the entire season, you may even want to make use of the home services or automotive services sections.

Many local organizations also offer discounts and deals through the Chamber of Commerce. Check out the different options available, from places to stay to special discount cards.

There used to be a certain school of thought that looking for deals on vacation was somehow less than classy. We all know better now. Whether you’re in Florida for a long weekend or the entire season, it only makes sense to spend your dollar wisely. Many local establishments are happy to reward you for choosing their business; enjoy these Panama City Beach coupons, and enjoy your stay!

(please note that these coupons are active as of December 23,2015. For current information, please look at our coupon page itself. Have a lovely stay!)

Panama City Beach Holidays – Excitement Throughout The Year

Panama City Beach just celebrated its 35th annual Christmas Parade, put on by the Optimist Club, on December 12. A great reminder that the white sands and deep green waters of PCB aren’t just for summer beach adventures, but exciting vacations all year round. There are tons of opportunities to spend  holidays in Panama City Beach, leading to tons of one-of-a-kind adventures.

Each year, the Christmas Parade is just one of the many events put on by the Optimists Club. Transforming Pier Park into a Winter Wonderland is no easy task, but it’s also a rewarding adventure. Kids and families alike love to see their Florida homes turned into a spectacle of delight, and everyone enjoys the parade and fun.

The Optimists Club hosts a variety of events throughout the year, from golf tournaments in March to Firefighter Appreciation in September, and Christmas events in December. Many of the events are free to the public, and donations are generally specified for local charities.

The Chamber of Commerce also organizes a variety of events throughout the year, often centered on a variety of holidays. In Panama City Beach, there are two ball drops on New Year’s Eve; earlier in the day, a family friendly ball drop centers on tossing beach balls onto the beach, while a traditional lighted ball descends at midnight on the beach itself. From events as big as New Year’s Eve to holidays as quiet and calm as Arbor Day, the Chamber of Commerce works hard to bring a variety of celebrations to Panama City Beach’s holidays.

If you want to find smaller, more local events to celebrate in Panama City beach, there are a variety of events through the winter season, from local markets to concerts and art exhibitions.

Mardi Gras is always a big draw for Panama City Beach holidays, from local residents to visiting friends. Many of February’s events for 2016 are already on the books, meaning that it’s easy for you to start planning ahead on how you want to spend this amazing, cultural holiday. If the answer is “with great friends, on exquisite beaches with some of the most beautiful water in the world,” then you’ll want to plan to spend Mardi Gras in PCB. Along with more adult events, Panama City Beach focuses on making sure that the day is fun for the whole family, kids included.

And of course, even if it isn’t really a holiday for the rest of the world, Panama City Beach isn’t called the Spring Break Capital of the World for nothing. Many venues have started announcing their 2016 events, so we know that visitors will be able to see Brett Eldredge, Kaskade, and many more amazing musicians. Many resorts, bars, and restaurants, cater to students during spring break, making sure that visitors get the best possible bang for their buck.

Whatever holiday you’re looking to spend in Panama City Beach, we want to make it as fun as possible. When your celebration is done, and you’re looking for something fun to do, make an exciting memory out on the water with one of the many events and tours that we offer at Adventures at Sea. Give us a call to see where we’ll fit in your schedule!