Let’s tell the truth: Panama City Beach has something of a reputation when it comes to Spring Break. In March and April, there have been times in the past where things have gotten a little too intense. The whole community has come together, however, to revamp things in the spring and make it clear that we’re here for your family friendly Panama City Beach experience.

New laws were passed in PCB last summer which go into effect this spring. The laws state that people can’t consume alcohol on our white sand beaches, that the closing time for bars will be earlier than it was previously, and that drinking in parking lots will be prohibited.

What this means for your family is that, if you’re traveling with kids, you shouldn’t see some of the problematic behavior that has concerned people in the past.

Wondering about some of the upcoming events that your kids might love, if you’re coming to PCB this spring?

The lineup for SpringJam has been announced, and includes Jamie Lyn Spears and Rascall Flatts.

If you like your music just a little smoother, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival will be something to see in late April.

Horse crazy kiddos will have a great chance to see a beautiful horse show, with proceeds going to charity.

And if you want to hear some of the best choral music around, then you need to see the amazing performances at the Panama City Beach Music Festival.

And that’s beyond all the exciting things that always happen in Panama City Beach, from kid friendly attractions to stimulating their imaginations.

If you’re traveling with your kids, it’s a good idea to call ahead and talk to the hotel or condo that you’re planning to rent. Ask them honestly, do they have a family friendly atmosphere? When do things usually quiet down? Check reviews on Yelp and other sources to make sure reviews agree with what you’re hearing from the business itself.

Make sure you’re planning activities that your kids will enjoy! Traveling with frustrated kids is a hassle for everyone, both you and them. Think about when your kids are going to be most relaxed and excited, and plan the fun part of your day at that point. If everyone’s a little tired and overwhelmed after lunch, plan to spend that time relaxing near your hotel’s pool, for example, rather than out in the sun on the beach again.

If you’re not sure what your kids will enjoy, give us a call! We’ve been doing this for years, and we’re happy to help you figure out what times and activities will be best for your family. From a boat cruise to see dolphins in their natural habitat to the chance to see the beach from high above on a parasail, we can give you suggestions on how to prepare them for what the trip will be like, what you might want to bring along to keep it fun for everyone, and how to make it a big success.

The long and the short of it is that we want everyone who comes to Panama City Beach to have a fantastic time. Looking for tips on how to make your PCB vacation more family friendly? Give us a call! We’re glad to help you plan.