There are many reasons people come to Panama City Beach for vacations. From our new and improved family friendly reputation to the wonderful year-round weather, this area of Florida is a great place to spend your time. But one of the specific reasons it’s great to travel here is visiting dolphins. In Panama City Beach, we have the lucky benefit of being able to take visitors out to see wild dolphins playing in their natural habitat.

Many people believe that, in order to see dolphins up close, they need to go to one of the many water parks in the Panama City Beach area which cater to tourists and visitors. At Adventures at Sea, we know the truth: the people who want to visit wild dolphins schedule a tour with a knowledgeable company and see them up close, the way nature intended.

Visiting Wild Dolphins

In Panama City Beach, there are several different species of dolphin that we encounter, but the most common dolphins – and the most well known – are bottlenose dolphins. Usually ranging from six to twelve feet long and living for as much as fifty years, these dolphins are considered to be very intelligent, and have been known to help injured people in the water as well as assisting with fishing operations.

Inshore dolphins tend to live in groups of about 10. They also make different sounds, including clicks, squawks, and whistles, their “signature sound.”

Why Do We Love Visiting Dolphins

Throughout human history, we’ve told stories about dolphins and the way that they tend to partner with human beings. We’ve considered them mystical beings, whether they’re saving drowning sailors or saying goodbye to humanity right before the planet is destroyed (and saying thanks for the fish!).

It’s no wonder that people travel all the way to the Gulf Coast of Florida to see dolphins up close and in person, but it’s our opinion that the real dolphin experience is to be had out on the waters of the Gulf.

Visiting Dolphins in Panama City Beach

Ready To Visit Dolphins?

If you want to make sure to see dolphins in person this summer, you want to schedule a trip with Adventures at Sea. There are many different ways we schedule tours, including:

  • WaveRunner Tours let you get close to the water and feel the spray on your face as we tour out to Shell Island and then go searching for schools of dolphins.
  • Boat Cruises let you relax and put your feet back as we do all the hard work for you. Want to enjoy the sun and let our captains take you to the places we know that the dolphins love to explore? This trip will give you exactly what you want and need.

When you want to visit dolphins in Panama City Beach without any worry that you’re not seeing the real truth of what dolphins are and can be, you need to visit the dolphins in their own habitat. While seeing them at the local attractions can be great for kids, or if you want to be able to swim with dolphins and feed them directly, there’s nothing that compares to seeing them in the expansive waters of the ocean.

Call us today to schedule your trip out to see dolphins where they love to be!