So the chances are the first few days of your holiday are going to be getting out of that work funk. That’s okay, you deserve it. But if you haven’t planned any activities for the rest of the holiday you’ll be about ready to start looking to see what there is to do. You can’t sit by the pool the whole time – okay you can but that would be a waste of a beautiful location. That’s why I’m putting in my vote for snorkeling in Panama City Beach – seriously you came all this way and aren’t even going to take a look to see what’s down there?

Think about all the wonderful pictures you’ll get to liven up that slide show! And to top it off you can collect all kinds of seashells off the bottom of the sea and take them home as souvenirs – provided you leave the ones that are still inhabited.

Snorkeling in Panama City Beach will bring you closer to the dolphins, and as they say in these parts ‘not seeing a dolphin during your stay is a rare thing’. With a large local population of curious bottlenose dolphins you’d have to have your eyes closed to miss them. Although, if you have your head under water as they pass you by you’d be forgiven.

But there’s more than just dolphins

Having your face under water is how you get to see all the brightly colored tropical fish that swim in the warm gulf stream waters, everything from redfish to starfish. Vast numbers of sea life live here because of the warm gulf stream waters that encourage the rapid growth of their homes, the reefs. And if you pick up a waterproof camera you can go snorkeling in Panama City Beach and take loads of amazing pictures.

To find new places to snorkel you could also rent a pontoon boat. Bring your crew, up to 12 people can fit comfortably on each pontoon and other than the driver (who has to be 18) there are no age limitations. It’s the easiest and most comfortable way to explore the area, and, of course, get to Shell Island. Where you’ll see other wildlife and be able to find a nice spot for a picnic.

Even if you’ve never piloted a boat before, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you learn to confidently control the pontoon. And once you’re happy you understand the simple controls you can take your boat, and your crew, out on the water unaccompanied. With an adjustable awning, known as a bimini top, to keep your little ones safe from the glare of the sun you can let them concentrate on spotting those dolphins.

Explore the waters off the beaches at Shell Island and find the most spectacular views. You can spend time searching for shells and there are even more in the water than on the beach. Once you find a spot you’ll see the reefs are teeming with beautiful underwater creatures and you’re sure to create amazing memories snorkeling in Panama City Beach.

Snorkeling is so easy to master you’ll soon be a pro

It might feel weird at first and take a little getting used to but it’s an ideal way to see underwater for the first time. And perfect for those a little nervous about swimming in the sea. It’s also a great way to let younger children see what’s going on down there without worrying about their swimming abilities.

Want to know if your mask is the right size? Put it on your face without the band around your head then breath in through your nose. If you can get it to seal around your face without falling off it’s the right one!

There are some other things you need to know too: 

The mask shouldn’t fit too tight but needs to be snug, with the band around the widest part of the head. If water starts to get in your mask whilst you’re swimming it could be because the band isn’t in the right place.
Clearing the snorkel of water is done by blowing out through your mouth with a large breath. This pushes the water back up the tube.
And to clear water from your goggles simply raise your head above the water and pull the front of the mask away from your face.

If you’re the more adventurous type and want to explore further whilst snorkeling in Panama City Beach you’ll also need a set of fins. Now, as easy as it looks when others do it, this may take a little practice before you’re completely comfortable. Fins can increase your cruising speed in the water but they can also cause you to get toe cramp if they’re too tight.

Top tips:
Choose a pair of fins that fit without being tight on your feet (to prevent cramp)
keep the fins underwater when in use (to prevent drag)
and if your legs get tired flip over onto your back to give them a bit of a rest.

This a perfect activity for absolute beginners, although you should be able to swim if you intend to use the flippers. All you need is a sense of adventure, a desire to see all that Panama has to offer, and the ability to understand simple instructions – oh, and a bathing suit. You can also get maps that show the best places to go snorkeling in Panama City Beach, and if you ask when you’re renting your gear I’m sure the locals will be able to tell you the secret places too.
And that’s why I’m voting for snorkeling in Panama City Beach
You get to learn two new skills (assuming you’ve never done snorkeling or pontooning before), see under the sea, explore without a guide, give your family and friends a holiday they’ll never forget, and take some of the most spectacular pictures ever!

With such a large area of unspoilt natural beauty your stay wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t see all it has to offer. What better way than to rent a pontoon, fill up a picnic basket, and spend a day snorkeling in Panama City Beach.

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