As a parent, you may be accustomed to looking forward to school vacations with nervousness. Kids love school breaks, but parents sometimes struggle to fill the time between school bells without everyone getting incredibly antsy. Even long weekends can be difficult to fill. So what can parents do to plan the best weekend getaway with kids?

Plan Fun Activities

If you’re coming to Panama City Beach for a long weekend, or if you live in the area and are looking for something exciting to do with your kids when you have some downtime, there’s plenty of options with Adventures at Sea. Going on a dolphin watch is of course a classic way to spend your water time on the Florida Gulf Coast, but depending on the age and interests of your kids, you might find that there’s something else they have in mind. Maybe they would be excited by the peace and adventure of a fishing trip, or the thrill of splashing through the waves on one of our banana boats.

Not sure what your kids might like? Get in touch! With our years of experience in the region, we’ll be able to give you plenty of suggestions.

But Don’t Overplan

You may be worried that your kids will be bored on your weekend getaway, which can lead you to planning something exciting for every single moment. We’ve absolutely found, however, that overplanning on vacation leads to overtired, overstimulated kids who meltdown at the worst possible moments.

Whether you’re planning for a day trip, a weekend excursion, or a longer vacation, make sure that every day includes both an activity and downtime. For maximum relaxation, consider renting one of our lounge chairs so that you can supervise your children’s sandcastle building from the shade.

Talk To Your Kids About What They’ll Enjoy

Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, it’s a good idea to get their input on what they might enjoy on their Gulf Coast vacation. You might be thinking dolphins, only to find out that they’d rather take a chance on learning how to sail or seeing the beach from a bird’s eye view while parasailing. Or maybe they think that the beach sounds boring, and they’d rather spend some time at one of the many other fun parks and entertainment areas in PCB. One truth about traveling with kids is that the adults are going to be happier when the kids are happier. Get their input, and try to do at least one or two things that speak directly to their interests.

Find Kid Friendly Food

There’s lots of seafood in PCB, since we’re located right on the coast, but there’s plenty of other options for kids, too. Keep your eyes out for a few restaurants that have food that your kids will enjoy, if they’re not the fish-friendly type. After all, hungry kids turn into melting down kids, very very quickly.

But that doesn’t mean that kids can’t enjoy fresh seafood. After all, rejecting fish fingers is very different than rejecting a fish that you caught just a few hours before, and there are more than a few restaurants in the area that will prepare your catch for you. Especially with tweens and teens, that might be enough to tip them into being willing to try their first shark or tuna steak.

Remember To Enjoy Yourself

Traveling with your family is hard work. Whatever your plans are with your kids, make sure to take some time out to do something that you’ll enjoy, whether that’s adventuring on a Jet Ski or making time to relax on the beach and soak up some sun.

What are you going to do on your next Panama City Beach weekend getaway with the kids?