Choose Summer Water Sports On Your Florida Vacation

Whether you’re planning for your spring break or your summer vacation, you should consider which of the many summer water sports available in Panama City Beach are going to go on your to-do list. To help you narrow it down, we’ve put together a quick look at what we offer at Adventures at Sea, and why we think you’ll love them!

Relax on the deck of private cruise

One of the great joys of either living or visiting the ocean is being able to relax in the sun and luxuriate in the smell of salt spray while someone else handles the driving. When you book one of our boat cruises, you have so many options. You can relax on deck and work on your tan or just enjoy the sights while we manage the boat itself. Or, you can have someone from your group do the driving. Whatever you want, just let us know.

You can rent a pontoon boat or one of our double decker pontoon boats. You could tour Shell Island and enjoy a sunset cruise. We also offer fishing trips, both inshore and offshore, where our experienced captains will do everything they can to put you right on the fish.

Get a closer to the water experience

Being on a boat is a great way to relax, but if you want a water sport that has a little more excitement this summer, we have a bunch of things for you to try.

All of our boat cruises are also available by Jet Ski or Waverunner. You can bring us along as a guide, or go on your own. Check out Shell Island, or let us take you to the local spots where dolphins splash and play in their natural habitat. Seeing them at the local park attractions is pretty amazing, but there’s nothing like seeing them up close and personal. You’ll never regret taking the time out of your vacation to make it happen.

You can also try out a banana boat ride, a fantastic way to splash through the waves of Florida’s Emerald Coast and cool off on a hot day. We’ll tow you through the waves on one of our Jet Skis; let us know if you want a wild ride, or a more sedate one!

How close do you want to get to flying?

Have you ever envied skydivers, but been unwilling to get up that high? Found that your fear of airplanes kept you from considering sky diving as an extreme sport? Wanted to get as close as a human being can to flying, but not been entirely sure of where to start?

Parasailing is the answer. Using safety measures, solid equipment, and years of experience, we’ll put you up in the air for a gorgeous view of the area around Panama City Beach. Gaze out at the ocean, stare down at the water, and wonder at what it feels like to be pulled through the air. Look down, and see dolphins, stingrays, and sharks in the water; enjoy the gorgeous white sands of the beach against the clear, emerald green water.

Decided all these water sports aren’t for you?

If your idea of summer water sports has more to do with lounging on the beach and letting others do the water sporting for you, consider the luxury of a rented lounge chair. No more hassle dragging your gear onto the beach, no more struggle to set it up. Let us know when you’ll be there, and we’ll do all the work.

When you plan your spring break or summer vacation, make sure to save time for summer water sports. You’ll treasure every moment on Florida’s Emerald Coast!

What are they looking for?

As the summer season come into play, more and more families are visiting the beautiful shores of Panama City Beach. Families are always out having fun while on vacation, going on adventures, eating out at some of our top restaurants and all around enjoying their time together away from the hustle and bustle of home. As the sun sets into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and the stars come out so does one thing that everyone is always asking about. The flashlights! One of the main questions that we are always getting from customers and visitors are “What are they looking for?”. Sand Crabs are your answer! Sand Crabs are usually only out at night and they are ghostly white and can only be spotted with flashlights. They are quick little creatures as well. Once you spot them, they take off and scurry into their tunnels they have dug into the sand and will stay there until they think the coast is clear. The families find it fun to walk along the shores and look for our salty friends and the only way they can find them is by bringing along their flashlights. So, there’s the answer to your question! Next time you see a family walking along the beach at night with a flashlight and someone ask you that question, give them the answer and hey, grab yourself a light and join them in the search!

Panama City Beach Jet Ski Riding 101

Panama City Beach is the perfect location to enjoy a variety of watersports. The crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico provide ample room to travel fast or slow. One of the best ways to travel across the water and still enjoy a close-up view of the water and its inhabitants is on a jet ski. But before you go onto the water, there are some things you should know.

First, if you were born after January 1, 1988, you’ll need a boating safety education identification card and a photo ID to operate a jet ski in Florida waters. If you need to get your boating safety ID, you can take the safety test at our marina. You’ll also need to be 16 years of age to drive one of Aquatic Adventures’ jet skis.

Jet Ski Party

Next, your jet ski isn’t foolproof. If you are going to go for a jet ski ride, you’ll need to wear a life jacket. You should also know the basics of how to keep your head above water in the event of an emergency. If you aren’t comfortable swimming or treading water, then you may want to choose a different watercraft for your Panama City Beach adventures.

You should also be aware that jet skis aren’t exempt from the laws of physics. The rule that an object in motion will stay in motion is true of these machines just as it is for land crafts. Your jet ski will keep moving even if all power is cut off. But, without power you’ll lose your ability to steer your jet ski. This means that if you lose power while in motion, you craft will keep going in whatever direction it was facing when the engine was turned off. It will take your jet ski some time and distance to come to a full stop. You’ll need to plan for this extra distance when moving toward another vessel or bringing your jet ski in for a shore or dock landing.

Speaking of cutting your jet ski’s engine, you will save yourself a lot of hassles if you always remember to use a lanyard. Your lanyard attaches to you and the jet ski’s key. If you fall off the vehicle the key comes with you, cutting off the engine. Yes, the jet ski will coast for a bit, but having the craft travel a short distance away from you before stopping is far better than having it speed a mile up the coast!

Also, we know speed is fun. Riding a jet ski can be thrilling. But while you’re enjoying your ride remember—gravity hurts. Your ability to control your jet ski ends when it leaves the surface of the water. Don’t try to jump your vehicle using the wake of boats or other devices. Once in the air, your jet ski could tip over and come down on top you or someone else. Trust us; you can have plenty of fun on your jet ski without trying any dangerous stunts.

Jet Ski in Panama City

While riding your jet ski, remember that there are a lot of other people out there. Keep an eye out for other water craft and remember you’ll need time and distance to steer clear of them. A good rule of thumb it to keep at least 100 feet between you and other vessels. Watch out for swimmers and divers, too. Hopefully, anyone who is diving will put out a buoy to warn you of their presence. But watch out for other signs that divers are nearby, just in case. Avoid riding your jet ski close to popular diving spots or diving tour boats.

Finally, be kind to our aquatic friends. Dolphins, rays, sea turtles, and other sea creatures may approach your vessel when you’re stopped or cruising slowly. Or they may be headed at cross directions with you. Try to avoid collisions—neither you nor the sea creature wants to meet by accident! Besides, if you keep a close look out, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing these amazing animals in their natural habitat. How cool is that?

see dolphins in the wild panama city beach

Riding a jet ski can be a fast, exhilarating ride across the water, but it can also be a slow cruise to some amazing places.  When you rent a jet ski and chart your own course, you can experience both jet ski adventures. Take some time to enjoy the scenery. Then, speed things up and experience the spray in your face and the wind in your hair. Either way, you’ll love it!

For your convenience, Aquatic Adventures has jet skis available for rent near most of the major resorts along the Panama City Beach gulf coast. Just choose your location and pick up your machine. Don’t forget your boater safety card and photo ID if you’ll be doing the driving. Our jet skis can hold up to 400 lbs. each so you can share the ride. Now, grab your family or friends and plan your jet ski adventure today!

pick up your jet ski on the beach panama city

How Panama Beach Is Ensuring It Will Stay Beautiful For Generations

If you don’t live right on the coast, you may not have realized that coastal erosion is an ongoing concern for many beachfront areas. With storms, tides, and waves, all working to reshape our land on a daily basis, over time, beaches can be completely eroded, with new beaches forming in other areas. In fact, the creation of our own Shell Island has much to do with these natural patterns.

In areas like PCB, we have the ability to nourish our gorgeous beaches, adding sand from other areas to replenish what’s washing away over time. We widen the beaches to make room for visitors and residents alike, but also to maintain natural habitats for sea turtles and other wildlife that make our beaches their homes.

The Panama City Beaches have been nourished three times since 1995, when Hurricane Opal caused significant damage and erosion on the beaches in 1998/1999, 2005/2006, and 2011. The first project added almost 10 million cubic yards of sand to the beaches, the second around 3.3 million cubic yards, and the third 1.4 million cubic yards. This summer, the Tourist Development Council in Panama City Beach approved a plan to add 840,000 cubic yards of sand to several beaches. They will specifically focus on Treasure Island, the County Pier, the City Pier, and Pinnacle Port.

The sand that’s added can’t just come from anywhere; it is dredged from approved “borrow” areas, where coastal engineering experts examine the sand that’s being harvested to make sure it’s the right size, color, and composition to blend in naturally with the sand already present on the beaches. Depending on how close the harvest area is to shore, equipment called a hopper dredge or a cutterhead pipeline dredge is used to harvest the sand. It is then transferred to the dry beach through a submerged pipeline in a water and sand slurry. Bulldozers can then manipulate the sand to make sure it matches the project template.

Both surveyors and coastal engineers monitor the beaches each year to monitor both yardage and volume lost on the beaches. As you can see by the slowly decreasing amounts of sand needed for nourishment, Panama City Beach is getting better at staying ahead of the curve and making sure that the beaches are staying healthy. Of course, any large storms can always change plans, and mean that beaches need to be nourished sooner instead of later.

This year, consultants like Lisa Armbruster said that high surf conditions and consistent southerly winds had caused several isolated areas of the Panama City Beach coastline to take a beating. Major indentations have cropped up behind Treasure Island; Carillion Beach and Pinnacle Port are among the beaches that were involved in both the 2006 and 2011 projects, and are considered areas which traditionally experience a higher level of erosion.

If you’re traveling to Panama City Beach this summer, it’s very unlikely that your vacation will be affected by the nourishment project. Engineers expect to do their work over the winter. If you’re planning a winter vacation, talk to us about your needs. We want to make sure that you see the very best the beach has to offer, and we’ll keep you up to date on any ways that the project could affect our services.

We’re glad that the TDC is taking action now to maintain the beaches for our visitors, our residents, and the wildlife that lives and loves on Panama City Beach!

Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Florida’s Gulf Coast

May in Panama City Beach means lots of different things to different people. From the end of Spring Break season to the beginning of the most exciting parts of summer, May is a busy time. But for nesting sea turtles, this time of year has a very different meaning.

While sea turtles can begin to nest in southern parts of Florida as early as March, on the Gulf Coast, the season tends to begin in May. Here are five things you may not have known about nesting sea turtles:

  1. All species of sea turtles are currently endangered. Due to natural predators as well as human-caused factors like pollution, construction, and artificial lighting, fewer than one in a thousand sea turtles survives to adulthood.
  2. It can take between 15 and 50 years for a sea turtle to be mature enough to mate and lay eggs.
  3. While sea turtles travels hundreds of thousands of miles, living their lives in the ocean, they almost always return to the same beach where they were hatched to lay their eggs.
  4. Sea turtles are prehistoric reptiles that have existed for about one hundred million years.
  5. The biggest danger to hatchling sea turtles isn’t predators, but artificial lighting. Hatchlings navigate to the sea by orienting towards the brightest light, which should be the moon reflecting on the open ocean. Outdoor lighting that faces the beach can confuse them and cause them to get lost before they can reach the water. Hatchlings that don’t get into the water very quickly are at risk of death.

Florida is where the vast majority of American sea turtles make their nests, so as a visitor or resident of Florida’s coastal areas, what can you do to help protect the local sea turtle population?

  • If you’re renting a condo or property along the beach, turn off your lights at night. This will help keep any hatchlings from getting confused and heading in the wrong directions, and will also allow sea turtles to make their nests in peace.
  • During the months of sea turtle nesting season, May to October, avoid walking on the beach at night if you can. If you need to walk on the beach, do not use a flashlight or light from your smartphone.
  • If you find a turtle building her nest, do not disturb her. Do not take flash photography or go near her at all. If you frighten her, she’ll head back to the water and drop her eggs there, which means that all the eggs will be lost.
  • If you find a turtle nesting, or find a nest that’s already been laid, call the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission at (888)404-3922. This number is toll free and is a 24 hour hotline. Trained volunteers will then be able to come to mark and protect the nest, increasing the chances that the hatchlings will survive.

Want to know more about sea turtle nests and hatchings in Panama City Beach? You can track what’s happening with sea turtles at Panama City Beach’s Turtle Watch. The site hasn’t been updated with 2016 statistics as of this writing, but you can see what the organization has done historically, and see videos of the previous nest hatchings.

If you are a school or teacher in the area, find out about the organization’s Adopt-a-Nest program to have the chance to see the inside of a sea turtle’s nest.


Visiting Dolphins in Panama City Beach

There are many reasons people come to Panama City Beach for vacations. From our new and improved family friendly reputation to the wonderful year-round weather, this area of Florida is a great place to spend your time. But one of the specific reasons it’s great to travel here is visiting dolphins. In Panama City Beach, we have the lucky benefit of being able to take visitors out to see wild dolphins playing in their natural habitat.

Many people believe that, in order to see dolphins up close, they need to go to one of the many water parks in the Panama City Beach area which cater to tourists and visitors. At Adventures at Sea, we know the truth: the people who want to visit wild dolphins schedule a tour with a knowledgeable company and see them up close, the way nature intended.

Visiting Wild Dolphins

In Panama City Beach, there are several different species of dolphin that we encounter, but the most common dolphins – and the most well known – are bottlenose dolphins. Usually ranging from six to twelve feet long and living for as much as fifty years, these dolphins are considered to be very intelligent, and have been known to help injured people in the water as well as assisting with fishing operations.

Inshore dolphins tend to live in groups of about 10. They also make different sounds, including clicks, squawks, and whistles, their “signature sound.”

Why Do We Love Visiting Dolphins

Throughout human history, we’ve told stories about dolphins and the way that they tend to partner with human beings. We’ve considered them mystical beings, whether they’re saving drowning sailors or saying goodbye to humanity right before the planet is destroyed (and saying thanks for the fish!).

It’s no wonder that people travel all the way to the Gulf Coast of Florida to see dolphins up close and in person, but it’s our opinion that the real dolphin experience is to be had out on the waters of the Gulf.

Visiting Dolphins in Panama City Beach

Ready To Visit Dolphins?

If you want to make sure to see dolphins in person this summer, you want to schedule a trip with Adventures at Sea. There are many different ways we schedule tours, including:

  • WaveRunner Tours let you get close to the water and feel the spray on your face as we tour out to Shell Island and then go searching for schools of dolphins.
  • Boat Cruises let you relax and put your feet back as we do all the hard work for you. Want to enjoy the sun and let our captains take you to the places we know that the dolphins love to explore? This trip will give you exactly what you want and need.

When you want to visit dolphins in Panama City Beach without any worry that you’re not seeing the real truth of what dolphins are and can be, you need to visit the dolphins in their own habitat. While seeing them at the local attractions can be great for kids, or if you want to be able to swim with dolphins and feed them directly, there’s nothing that compares to seeing them in the expansive waters of the ocean.

Call us today to schedule your trip out to see dolphins where they love to be!

Play Sports in Panama City Beach!

People come to Florida’s Emerald Coast for so many reasons. To see the gorgeous white sands beaches. To swim near dolphins. To experience the ocean for the first time. Now, more than every, people are choosing to visit to play sports in Panama City Beach.

Frank Brown Park, a local park that focuses on offering softball, swimming, soccer, and baseball events to visitors and residents, has recently announced a number of upgrades that they say will bring the park up to state of the art. Upgrades will include a new operations building, new dugouts, and new fencing. By 2018, they will also add a new sports village to their portfolio.

If you’re visiting Panama City Beach for spring break, or live in the area and wonder what you might want to do on a beach all day, we have a variety of fun suggestions for sports to play on the beach! Here are just a few ideas:


A beach side classic, volleyball nets dot the beach throughout Panama City Beach. Play a pick up game with whoever is there, or bring your friends and a ball to play. Run, dive into the sand, and then splash into the waves to cool off. It’s a favorite for a reason!

If you’re visiting the area, many of the hotels and condo rental buildings in the area have volleyball courts, just check their amenities.

And if you’re looking for a more formal volleyball experience in the area, check out the Emerald Coast Volleyball Club in nearby Fort Walton.

Ultimate Frisbee

If you still think of Frisbee as the goofy game that people in the 70s played with neon plastic discs, you need to pay attention: the sport has come a long way. From disc golf courses (Joe Moody Harris Park has a nine hole course) to Ultimate Frisbee leagues on the beach, these plastic discs have kept pace with modern sports. You’ll have tons of fun playing with your friends, or making brand new friends through the sport. Plus, if you need a Frisbee while you’re in town, many different restaurants use them as plates and souvenirs! You’ll never have to walk far to find one.


If you want the rush of extreme sports without the danger, you need to schedule a parasailing trip. While this is just one of the many rides we offer through Adventures at Sea, there’s nothing else quite like it. Parasailing is great for everyone, from people who’ve always wanted to fly but aren’t ready to try parachuting to those who just want to see the beach from a bird’s eye view. You can capture amazing photos or videos, or keep the entire experience for yourself. Either way, we’re sure you’ll love it. Go up on your own, or with someone whose hand you want to hold.

Whatever brings you to Panama City Beach, make sure to plan a little bit of time to do the thing that you love most, whether that’s engaging in some extreme, adrenaline inducing sports, luxuriating on the beach, or working up a sweat on the soccer field, Panama City Beach has you covered. We’re the Florida destination for spring break vacationers, but we are also a great space for families all year round.

Get in touch with us today to start planning the exciting adventures you’ll enjoy on your Panama City Beach excursion!

Spend Your Holidays In Panama City Beach

While Florida is a popular destination for college students during spring break, and northerners trying to escape the endless gray of February in New England, not everyone thinks of spending their holidays in Panama City Beach. If you’re planning a December vacation, however, there are several fun family friendly trips that you can organize on the water and beaches on Florida’s Emerald Coast.

What’s the weather like during Panama City Beach holidays?

Florida’s weather is mild and comfortable year-round. In December, we generally see temperatures in the mid to high 60s, and tend to see a mix of sunny days and clouds. While this Isn’t exactly weather where you want to stretch out on the sand and work on your tan, there’s still plenty of fun to be had on the water.

Boat trips for everyone!

Many customers continue to enjoy our boat trips throughout the winter weather. From a cruise out to Shell Island to visiting the places where dolphins love to play, you can take your kids out on a nature adventure and enjoy the gorgeous weather at the same time. If your kids are older, have them talk to their teachers about whether they can write a report for extra credit on the experience!

Florida weather is mild all year round, especially if you’re used to the more frigid winters up north. In December, air temperatures tend to be in the mid-60s, and days vary between overcast and sunny.

Is the water warm enough for snorkeling or a WaveRunner tour?

It depends. Surface water temperatures tend to be in the mid to high 60s, even around the holidays in Panama City Beach, but there are many different factors that can cause that temperature to drop. If we’ve had several days of off-shore winds or heavy rain, that can cause the water temperature to be lower than comfortable.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll be comfortable in the water, give us a call! We’ve been doing this for years, and can give you some good guidance on whether or not we’d recommend a wetsuit, and what sort is likely to keep you warm and comfortable without overheating.

Ultimately, off the coast of Florida, activities like surfing, exploring the area on WaveRunners, and snorkeling in gorgeous areas like St. Andrew’s Park are year round activities. As long as you’re safe and comfortable, we’ll make sure you get where you’re going!

Fish for your holiday dinner!

Not a fan of the typical turkey or ham dinner for Christmas? What about trying your own fresh caught fish?

If you want to do something truly different while you celebrate the holiday season in Panama City Beach, schedule a charter fishing trip with us. Unlike some other fishing destinations, the Gulf means that there are excellent fish to catch year round. Our captains are very familiar with the area; we carry all the right bait and tackle to make sure that you get the fish you’re looking for.

Once you’ve got your catch, we love to recommend cooking tips, if you’re going to tackle the task on your own, or our favorite local restaurants that specialize in cooking fresh caught fish.

If you’re looking for a fresh way to create great memories this holiday season, or one in the future, consider enjoying some new experiences on Florida’s Emerald Coast. When you spend your holidays in Panama City Beach, you get great pictures, excellent memories—and a story you’ll tell for years to come.

Looking for fun activities in Panama City Beach for Spring Break?

If you’re planning to head down to Panama City Beach for Spring Break next year, you’re probably looking at music line-ups, hotel reservations, and wondering what other fun activities there are in Panama City Beach. When you’re looking for a special memory of a wild trip you took with friends, come to Adventures at Sea. We have an adventure for everyone!

We were delighted to hear that Rascal Flatts will be headlining the Panama City Beach SpringJam Festival. The festival itself lasts from April 7 to 9, and Rascal Flatts will take the stage on April 9.

Whether you’re opting for a three day pass or a single day pass to the SpringJam Festival, you are probably looking for other fun things to do in Panama City Beach. At Adventures at Sea, we’ve got you covered.

The festival grounds open each day at 3:30, which means that you have every morning free to sunbathe, enjoy the gorgeous Florida weather, and visit the beautiful waters of the Emerald Coast. Many visitors consider April the perfect month to visit Florida; the temperatures are in the high 70s, the sun is bright and strong, but tourist season Isn’t yet in full swing.

If you want to spend your morning soaking in some sun, we can help you by renting you a lounge chair. After all, lying on a beach towel means you’ll end up with sand everywhere, and bringing your own lounge chair on your spring break vacation is frustrating. When you rent a lounge chair from us, we’ll position it for you, and if you need it moved, we’ll take care of it. We’ll make everything simple so that you can focus on relaxing.

If you’re spending your moment on the beach, but want something fun to break up the morning, consider a banana boat ride. You and five friends will be towed along behind one of our boats, splashing through the waves and enjoying the wild ride. You could spend your morning parasailing, seeing the view of the beach and water that only the birds usually get to see. If someone in your group has a physical difference that makes banana boating or Jet Skiing difficult, parasailing can be an excellent and inclusive choice.

But if you’re only interested in one or two events at the festival, and are looking for ways to fill a little more time, we have several options that might intrigue you. You could schedule a dolphin tour, where we take you to all the places where local wild dolphin schools congregate. You could also take a trip out to Shell Island, one of the last undeveloped areas in Florida, to collect shells or sunbathe in an untouched environment.

Or maybe you’re looking for a little bit of peace and quiet in the middle of your Spring Break excitement. Consider taking a fishing trip. When you charter a trip with us, you don’t have to worry about gear or a fishing license; you get the benefit of our experience, from the best bait to the best way to cook your catch. If you’re not interested in cooking the fish yourself, we can direct you to some of the local restaurants that specialize in cooking fresh caught fish.

You could also take a sailboat trip. If you’ve never been sailing, it’s something to try. There’s something incredibly different about moving over the water, only the wind driving you along. Even if—especially if—the rest of your Spring Break plans are wild and exciting, make some time for something quiet and contemplative. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

Looking for fun activities in Panama City Beach, either for Spring Break or for your next family vacation? We have you covered. Contact us today to schedule your next adv

See dolphins play on your sunset boat tour

Have you ever seen the sunset while dolphins play in the surf? Toured the natural beauty of Shell Island, one of the few Florida landscapes that remains undeveloped and untouched? Put your head back and relaxed as the waves splash around you, and someone else worries about the steering?

When you visit Adventures At Sea, all of these are on the table.

Many visitors to Panama City Beach book their boat tour hoping to see dolphins at play in their natural environment. Although most of us know dolphins from their TV appearances and starring roles at aquatic attractions, few have had the luck and privilege of seeing dolphins in their natural environment. Dolphins splashing through a sunset surf is something you absolutely have to see in your life, if you can.

Sunset cruises are a romantic way to get out on the water on Florida’s Emerald Coast. Whether you’re thinking about a pontoon boat or a sailboat, we can help you create the perfect trip.

Two dolphins swim side by side over bright blue waves

Four reasons to schedule a boat tour to see dolphins, the sunset, and so much more:

Someone else does all the work

When you book a boat tour with us, we take care of all the irritating parts of a boat trip. We navigate, steer, watch out for other boaters and water hazards, and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

You sit back and relax

Whatever that looks like for you. You can put your feet up and watch the water flow by, read a book, take video, or visit with the friends and family here with you. This is your trip; enjoy it in the best possible way for you!

We take you where you want to go

From Shell Island to dolphin locations, from fishing spots to gorgeous views on the sunset, we make sure that you get where you want to go without any worry about how to read a chart, or which areas you might need to avoid. We’re the experts on water around the Gulf Coast of Florida; we’ll take care of it.

You focus on your vacation, not navigation

If what you want to do is rent a boat and take the wheel yourself, we’re happy to make that happen for you. But if you want the chance to kick back and focus on relaxation, on taking great photographs that will make everyone at home jealous, and on reconnecting with the friends and family who’ve made your trip with you, then what you should do is schedule a boat tour for your visit. We can take you fishing, find you a secluded, private, and safe space to do some snorkeling, or help you find where dolphins are playing.

If you have a romantic plan in mind, we can take you somewhere where you can ask an important question as the setting sun sets the water on fire. If you’re traveling with your kids, we can find a quiet place where they can watch the beauty of the sunset without disturbing other boaters or beachgoers.

Our goal at Adventures At Sea is to make your boat tour as enjoyable and exciting as possible. Whatever you want to see or do on the water, we’re here to make it happen. If you’ve never seen dolphins playing in sunset waters, or enjoyed the bird’s eye view of wildlife that snorkeling gives you, or cut through the waves with just the wind at your back, it’s something you should experience.

Let us make your vacation one to remember.