Have you ever seen the sunset while dolphins play in the surf? Toured the natural beauty of Shell Island, one of the few Florida landscapes that remains undeveloped and untouched? Put your head back and relaxed as the waves splash around you, and someone else worries about the steering?

When you visit Adventures At Sea, all of these are on the table.

Many visitors to Panama City Beach book their boat tour hoping to see dolphins at play in their natural environment. Although most of us know dolphins from their TV appearances and starring roles at aquatic attractions, few have had the luck and privilege of seeing dolphins in their natural environment. Dolphins splashing through a sunset surf is something you absolutely have to see in your life, if you can.

Sunset cruises are a romantic way to get out on the water on Florida’s Emerald Coast. Whether you’re thinking about a pontoon boat or a sailboat, we can help you create the perfect trip.

Two dolphins swim side by side over bright blue waves

Four reasons to schedule a boat tour to see dolphins, the sunset, and so much more:

Someone else does all the work

When you book a boat tour with us, we take care of all the irritating parts of a boat trip. We navigate, steer, watch out for other boaters and water hazards, and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

You sit back and relax

Whatever that looks like for you. You can put your feet up and watch the water flow by, read a book, take video, or visit with the friends and family here with you. This is your trip; enjoy it in the best possible way for you!

We take you where you want to go

From Shell Island to dolphin locations, from fishing spots to gorgeous views on the sunset, we make sure that you get where you want to go without any worry about how to read a chart, or which areas you might need to avoid. We’re the experts on water around the Gulf Coast of Florida; we’ll take care of it.

You focus on your vacation, not navigation

If what you want to do is rent a boat and take the wheel yourself, we’re happy to make that happen for you. But if you want the chance to kick back and focus on relaxation, on taking great photographs that will make everyone at home jealous, and on reconnecting with the friends and family who’ve made your trip with you, then what you should do is schedule a boat tour for your visit. We can take you fishing, find you a secluded, private, and safe space to do some snorkeling, or help you find where dolphins are playing.

If you have a romantic plan in mind, we can take you somewhere where you can ask an important question as the setting sun sets the water on fire. If you’re traveling with your kids, we can find a quiet place where they can watch the beauty of the sunset without disturbing other boaters or beachgoers.

Our goal at Adventures At Sea is to make your boat tour as enjoyable and exciting as possible. Whatever you want to see or do on the water, we’re here to make it happen. If you’ve never seen dolphins playing in sunset waters, or enjoyed the bird’s eye view of wildlife that snorkeling gives you, or cut through the waves with just the wind at your back, it’s something you should experience.

Let us make your vacation one to remember.