While Florida is a popular destination for college students during spring break, and northerners trying to escape the endless gray of February in New England, not everyone thinks of spending their holidays in Panama City Beach. If you’re planning a December vacation, however, there are several fun family friendly trips that you can organize on the water and beaches on Florida’s Emerald Coast.

What’s the weather like during Panama City Beach holidays?

Florida’s weather is mild and comfortable year-round. In December, we generally see temperatures in the mid to high 60s, and tend to see a mix of sunny days and clouds. While this Isn’t exactly weather where you want to stretch out on the sand and work on your tan, there’s still plenty of fun to be had on the water.

Boat trips for everyone!

Many customers continue to enjoy our boat trips throughout the winter weather. From a cruise out to Shell Island to visiting the places where dolphins love to play, you can take your kids out on a nature adventure and enjoy the gorgeous weather at the same time. If your kids are older, have them talk to their teachers about whether they can write a report for extra credit on the experience!

Florida weather is mild all year round, especially if you’re used to the more frigid winters up north. In December, air temperatures tend to be in the mid-60s, and days vary between overcast and sunny.

Is the water warm enough for snorkeling or a WaveRunner tour?

It depends. Surface water temperatures tend to be in the mid to high 60s, even around the holidays in Panama City Beach, but there are many different factors that can cause that temperature to drop. If we’ve had several days of off-shore winds or heavy rain, that can cause the water temperature to be lower than comfortable.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll be comfortable in the water, give us a call! We’ve been doing this for years, and can give you some good guidance on whether or not we’d recommend a wetsuit, and what sort is likely to keep you warm and comfortable without overheating.

Ultimately, off the coast of Florida, activities like surfing, exploring the area on WaveRunners, and snorkeling in gorgeous areas like St. Andrew’s Park are year round activities. As long as you’re safe and comfortable, we’ll make sure you get where you’re going!

Fish for your holiday dinner!

Not a fan of the typical turkey or ham dinner for Christmas? What about trying your own fresh caught fish?

If you want to do something truly different while you celebrate the holiday season in Panama City Beach, schedule a charter fishing trip with us. Unlike some other fishing destinations, the Gulf means that there are excellent fish to catch year round. Our captains are very familiar with the area; we carry all the right bait and tackle to make sure that you get the fish you’re looking for.

Once you’ve got your catch, we love to recommend cooking tips, if you’re going to tackle the task on your own, or our favorite local restaurants that specialize in cooking fresh caught fish.

If you’re looking for a fresh way to create great memories this holiday season, or one in the future, consider enjoying some new experiences on Florida’s Emerald Coast. When you spend your holidays in Panama City Beach, you get great pictures, excellent memories—and a story you’ll tell for years to come.