Sailboat Rentals

There are 2 reasons that you and your family choose the beach for a vacation. You want to experience fun attractions, and you want to relax! You can find our lounge chair and umbrella rentals on the beachside of most Panama City hotels and motels.

Lounge Chair Rentals
Lounge Chair Rentals

If you want to be treated like you’re on vacation, try a beach chair and umbrella rental for at least a day. The beach attendants will accommodate your every desire. Move closer to the water so you can watch the kids, move further away from others and experience solitude, have your umbrella moved for you as the sun changes position, shade the kids while they play in the sand, even get something to drink- without having to get up!

Maybe you want to cruise the coast line and do some site- seeing. If so, bring the kids and go sailing on one of our catamaran sailboats. Our instructors will teach you all you need to know. If you want to relax of course, we will drive the sail boat for you.

Dogs Relaxing on the Beach