Labor Day Weekend in Panama City Beach—There’s a Party Going On!

Labor Day Weekend in Panama City Beach means it’s time for the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam! Three days of country music in Panama City Beach. This festival starts early. The gates open at 2 pm and the music starts at 2:30 pm. Will you be here? We’ll be ready for you.


Last Blast of Summer in Panama City Beach

Even if you aren’t here for the music, you’ll find plenty of other things to do over Labor Day Weekend at Panama City Beach. Our town will be rolling out the red carpet for all our ‘last blast of summer’ guests.Nightlife pcb

Here’s a list of some of the other Labor Day Weekend events you can catch here in PCB:

Panama City’s Friday Fest—This event takes place every Friday from March through November. Vendors, show cars, and bands take over four blocks to throw a massive street party. The activities begin at 6 pm and last until 10 pm. You can expect area restaurants to be open late, too.

Bay Area Backstage Pass—Taking place at the Marina Civic Center, the Backstage Pass concert series features local bands. On September 2, 2016, Turtlefoot will take the stage starting at 6:30 pm. General admission or table seating is available. Enjoy drinks and great music at this indoor venue.

Labor Day Weekend Red Snapper Season

Opening Day of the Fall Red Snapper Season—September 2, 2016, marks the first day of the state of Florida’s fall red snapper fishing season. Labor Day Weekend only, you can fish for red snapper for four full days. Florida’s other fall red snapper dates are limited to Friday through Sunday only. So if you want to get the most of your fishing expedition, Labor Day weekend is the time to book your tour.

Shane Johns Project—The Shane Johns will be performing Friday night at  Chillin’ Gelato Café to mark the release of his latest album, “Clear on the Water Beach.” Check out Shane’s music here.

Hogs & Dogs—Spend Labor Day weekend with your favorite things—dogs and Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson will host three days of food, drinks, and music at the Panama City Beach location. Dress up your dog for the fashion show and make a donation to your favorite pet charity while you check out the cool motorcycles on display.

5th Annual Alys Beach 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run—Taking place on September 4, 2016, this event supports the Alaqua Animal Refuge. The races begin and end at the Alys Beach Amphitheater. Alys Beach is located just north of Panama City Beach. The events begin early Sunday morning, and you’ll find activities for all ages taking place at the start/finish line. Your kids will love the giant obstacle course and bounce house. Plus, there will be music.

Of course, these are just a few of the activities and events happening in the area over Labor Day weekend. Area bars, restaurants, water and theme parks will all be open and ready to show our visitors a great time and so will Adventures at Sea.

Parasailing panama city beach

Make Your Labor Day Weekend Plans Now

If you’ve already booked your room for the weekend, now is the time to reserve your spot with Adventures at Sea. Adventures at Sea is your one-stop shop for all your rental needs while you’re here in Panama City Beach. From jet skis to beach chairs, we have what you need. Charter a fishing boat or rent a pontoon boat and spend your weekend on the water.

Use our convenient online booking system to secure your rentals before you arrive. We offer several locations for rentals and tours around Panama City Beach. You can find Adventures at Seas near many of Panama City’s most popular hotels and the County Pier. Just consult our Panama City map to find the one closest to you.


Adventures at Sea Near your hotel


If you can’t make it here for the Labor Day festivals, don’t’ worry! Anytime is a great time to visit Panama City Beach. There’s always something fantastic to do. Adventures at Sea will help you make the most of your visit—whenever you come.


Ready to See What Lives Below the Surface? Take a Snorkeling Tour at Panama City Beach

Thinking of looking beneath the surface during your vacation in Panama City Beach?

Snorkeling is an excellent way to explore this gulf coast’s beautiful underwater worlds. Snorkeling is easier to learn and takes less equipment that scuba diving, making it a great introduction to underwater viewing for adventurers of all ages. You only need a few basic pieces of equipment to get started. With just a little snorkeling practice, you will be ready to see Panama City Beach from a whole new angle!

Discover Underwater Delights with a PCB Snorkeling Tour

Because snorkeling doesn’t require you to dive deep, it is also a good choice for members of your party who want to see what lurks beneath—but not too far beneath. In fact, you don’t even have to swim the entire time you are snorkeling. You can sit on the seabed in a shallow spot and watch the sea life swim past you. When you are ready, just lift off and float along the surface of the water. Let the buoyant water do the work while you enjoy the view.
With a guided snorkeling tour, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect location for your underwater exploration. Just tell our tour operators what you’d like to see. Then, you can focus on the experience and leave the driving to someone else.

A Wondrous Variety of Sea Life Awaits

Panama City Beach is an ideal spot for your first snorkeling excursion. The crystal clear waters around Panama City Beach offer a wonderful view of a wide variety of sea creatures. The jetties around nearby St. Andrews State Park and Shell Island teem with sea life.  From damsel fish and blennies to redfish, needlefish and wrasses you will be delighted at the variety of fish that pass before your mask.

In addition to the many varieties of small fish, visitors to Panama City Beach report seeing sea urchins, sand dollars and amazingly big hermit crabs. These aren’t your pet shop hermit crabs, but crabs in their natural habitat underwater and able to grow.Snorkeling lets you see stingrays where they live

Snorkeling allows you to have an intimate view of the sea life of the bay. Imagine seeing a spindly shrimp or a transparent jellyfish drift by as you float atop the water looking down!

Creatures Large and Small are All Within View

In deeper waters, you can expect to see larger fish such as grouper and amberjacks. You might also encounter rays or even sharks. Between May and October, sea turtles flock to the gulf shores for nesting season. Endangered loggerheads, leatherbacks and green sea turtles can sometimes be spotted near our coast. On your snorkeling tour, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for these majestic creatures.

The waters around Panama City Beach are known for their high population of bottlenose dolphins. While humans are not allowed to interfere with the activities of these creatures, they sometimes swim close enough to touch.

An Adventure You Won’t Soon Forget

Human beings have always been drawn to the ocean. There is a certain peace and tranquility that immersing oneself in this watery otherworld brings. We can view fish and other sea creatures in films or aquariums, but there’s nothing quite like seeing a free creature in its own habitat. Your snorkeling adventure allows you to see into a world apart. A world that is unique and incredible with species that will impress and amaze.

To find out what’s beneath the surface of our beautiful waters, plan your visit and book your tour today. Explore the secret life of Florida’s sea creatures with a one of a kind snorkeling adventure.





How Panama Beach Is Ensuring It Will Stay Beautiful For Generations

If you don’t live right on the coast, you may not have realized that coastal erosion is an ongoing concern for many beachfront areas. With storms, tides, and waves, all working to reshape our land on a daily basis, over time, beaches can be completely eroded, with new beaches forming in other areas. In fact, the creation of our own Shell Island has much to do with these natural patterns.

In areas like PCB, we have the ability to nourish our gorgeous beaches, adding sand from other areas to replenish what’s washing away over time. We widen the beaches to make room for visitors and residents alike, but also to maintain natural habitats for sea turtles and other wildlife that make our beaches their homes.

The Panama City Beaches have been nourished three times since 1995, when Hurricane Opal caused significant damage and erosion on the beaches in 1998/1999, 2005/2006, and 2011. The first project added almost 10 million cubic yards of sand to the beaches, the second around 3.3 million cubic yards, and the third 1.4 million cubic yards. This summer, the Tourist Development Council in Panama City Beach approved a plan to add 840,000 cubic yards of sand to several beaches. They will specifically focus on Treasure Island, the County Pier, the City Pier, and Pinnacle Port.

The sand that’s added can’t just come from anywhere; it is dredged from approved “borrow” areas, where coastal engineering experts examine the sand that’s being harvested to make sure it’s the right size, color, and composition to blend in naturally with the sand already present on the beaches. Depending on how close the harvest area is to shore, equipment called a hopper dredge or a cutterhead pipeline dredge is used to harvest the sand. It is then transferred to the dry beach through a submerged pipeline in a water and sand slurry. Bulldozers can then manipulate the sand to make sure it matches the project template.

Both surveyors and coastal engineers monitor the beaches each year to monitor both yardage and volume lost on the beaches. As you can see by the slowly decreasing amounts of sand needed for nourishment, Panama City Beach is getting better at staying ahead of the curve and making sure that the beaches are staying healthy. Of course, any large storms can always change plans, and mean that beaches need to be nourished sooner instead of later.

This year, consultants like Lisa Armbruster said that high surf conditions and consistent southerly winds had caused several isolated areas of the Panama City Beach coastline to take a beating. Major indentations have cropped up behind Treasure Island; Carillion Beach and Pinnacle Port are among the beaches that were involved in both the 2006 and 2011 projects, and are considered areas which traditionally experience a higher level of erosion.

If you’re traveling to Panama City Beach this summer, it’s very unlikely that your vacation will be affected by the nourishment project. Engineers expect to do their work over the winter. If you’re planning a winter vacation, talk to us about your needs. We want to make sure that you see the very best the beach has to offer, and we’ll keep you up to date on any ways that the project could affect our services.

We’re glad that the TDC is taking action now to maintain the beaches for our visitors, our residents, and the wildlife that lives and loves on Panama City Beach!

The Heat Is On In Panama City Beach

There’s no question; summer has arrived in Panama City Beach. After seeing huge crowds for Independence Day, lifeguards are reporting that they’ve had a few instances of heat-related emergencies on the beach already. We talked about this before, quickly, but given that temperatures are high, let’s talk about how to stay cool and safe, even as the temperature increases.

Stay hydrated

Your primary protection against heat stroke or heat exhaustion is to drink plenty of fluids. Water is ideal, but if you don’t like the taste of plain water, drinks with some sugar and electrolytes are good alternatives. The important thing is to get those fluids. Alcohol in particular is not a good idea whenever you’re trying to avoid dehydration; it takes so much water to process alcohol out of your body that you end up with a net fluid loss.

Eat light foods

It’s a good idea to make sure you eat well if you’re going to be out in the sun. Light foods like cut up vegetables, a handful of healthy chips, or a light salad are good ideas if you’re not feeling well. Fruits in particular tend to have a lot of water content, so they can help you stay well hydrated. Typical barbecue fare may be too heavy if you’re already feeling unwell, but is probably fine if you feel good. Relaxing for a little while in the shade can help you digest well and avoid feeling sick.

Take breaks out of the sun

We know how much fun it is to play in the sun, but your body needs breaks to cool down. If you’re looking to keep the fun happening, talk to us about different adventures that can keep you cool, like snorkeling, parasailing, or going for a WaveRunner ride.

If you’re looking to kick back and relax for a little while, consider renting one of our lounge chairs, and asking us to set it up so that you can get some shade. We know that cooling off is important, and we want you to feel well so you can get back to having fun.

Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke

Of course, one of the crucial pieces here is knowing what’s going on. If you feel overheated, but have stopped sweating, are nauseated and vomiting, have a painful headache, or are shivering despite feeling warm to the touch, you may have crossed from heat exhaustion into heat stroke. Heat stroke is a very serious condition, and you should get medical attention in order to stay safe.

If you’re on the beach and start experiencing these symptoms, let a lifeguard know; they’re trained to help you, just like they have helped other visitors stay healthy this summer.

Cool your body down with water, ice, or air conditioning

If you are too warm, obviously, one of the keys is to cool your body down. Getting into the ocean water can be helpful, but depending on how you’re feeling, it may not be enough. Another option is to place cool items, such as ice packs, cool wash cloths, or cold drink bottles, at your pulse points – on your belly, at your ankles, wrists, and the back of your neck. Since these are places where your blood runs close to your skin, they cool your body down efficiently.

Get medical help if needed

If you are concerned that you might need medical help to treat your heat exhaustion, do not hesitate. A person with heat stroke can very quickly go from tired but okay to disoriented and very, very sick. If you are with someone who has been in the heat, and they begin to seem disoriented, the safest thing is to assume heat stroke and get help.

It just might save their life.

Beach vacations are a tremendous amount of fun, but part of the fun is making sure to stay safe. By keeping hydrated, taking breaks to let your body cool off, and acting quickly if you or someone you’re with becomes ill from the sun will keep your vacation a great memory and not a terrible tragedy.

Celebrate Independence Day On Panama City Beach

If you’re visiting Panama City Beach for the Fourth of July holiday, you’re in for a treat. We go all out for the celebration, with events all over town. Of course we’d love for you to get in touch and schedule a sunset cruise, a fishing trip, or a dolphin sighting, but there’s plenty more to do. Our favorite events that we think you should check out:

July 3

Light Up The Gulf

Many of the local resorts enjoy setting of fireworks for their guests, but the Beach Bash & Light Up the Gulf show at Board Walk Beach Resort is one of the best known. Always an impressive show, definitely check it out if you’re on that side of town. If you’re booking a room with the hotel, they often have special deals available for their guests, so check their website.

Grand Lagoon Freedom Rocks

The Grand Lagoon is called the Gateway to the Gulf. It’s a popular local spot for relaxing by the water, with added fun from shopping and dining at local restaurants. You can bring a chair or blanket and kick back on the grass outside the Treasure Island Marina to watch the fireworks displays. Many of the local restaurants offer discounts, special menu items, and exclusive drinks. Bring a friend, enjoy yourself, and watch the show!

July 4

Panama City Marina – Salute To Freedom

If you’re in town with your family on the Fourth of July itself, make sure to drop by Panama City Marina for live music, free food, and a ton of fun. The festivities begin at 2pm, and kids will also get to spend some time building a special project, hosted by Home Depot. The night ends with a stunning fireworks display at 9pm that is sure to get you into the patriotic mood. The fireworks will be simulcast on Magic Broadcast stations.

Mexico Beach – Best Blast On The Beach

If you don’t mind driving a little ways away from Panama City Beach, the festivities on Mexico Beach are extra fun for runners. As part of their Independence Day celebration, Mexico Beach hosts the Sandy Shoes 5k. The course is appropriate for any level of experience, and runners get a chipped bib to see their time, as well as a free t-shirt for participating. The run happens at 7am, so it would be easy to get back to Panama City in time for the fireworks here, or you could catch the show at Mexico Beach, which starts at 8:30.

Groovin’ On The Green

If you want your fireworks with a side of live band, check out Sonic Boom at the Groovin’ on the Green concert series on the village green. Food and drink vendors will be on site, so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the show.

If you’ve never seen fireworks on the water, it’s a very different experience than seeing them from land. If you’ll be in the area, get in touch with us to find out more about chartered boat trips around the time of one of the fireworks displays to see what’s happening.

In Panama City Beach, we love every part of the fourth of July; the patriotic celebration, the gorgeous explosions of color and light, and the sense of community as locals and visitors come together to enjoy the show. We hope you’ll be a part of our Independence Day Celebration this year.

Staying Safe On Your Beach Vacation

When you start planning your beach vacation in Panama City Beach, you probably don’t think about all the things that could go wrong. We don’t want you to! Your vacation should be a time to relax, kick back, and enjoy yourself.

But that said, there are a few simple things you can do to make your vacation more enjoyable, more pleasurable. They involve avoiding some of the common but deadly dangers at the beach, and they won’t ruin your fun at all. Let’s take at how to keep your vacation fun and safe at the same time.

Recognize the signs of drowning

If you’ve only ever seen someone in water distress or drowning in a Hollywood movie, you’ve never seen what it really looks like when someone’s drowning. There’s no flailing, no screaming, no begging for help. In many cases of drowning, in fact, the adults nearby have no idea that the person is drowning.

If you’re taking your kids near water, familiarize yourself with the real signs of drowning. Lifeguards have put together instructional videos designed to help parents recognize the signs of water distress or drowning in their kids. One great test – if you think someone’s drowning, ask “Are you okay?” If they can answer you, they’re probably fine. If not? Kids can slip under the water in thirty seconds. Get to them, and get there fast.

Be careful of holes on the beach

Digging holes in the sand is one of those quintessential joys of childhood, but if you’re not careful, joy can turn into tragedy. Every year, a few kids are killed when a hole that they’ve been digging collapses, trapping them under pounds of sand and suffocating them. A couple quick guidelines can keep everyone safer:

  • don’t dig holes that are deeper than the knees of the shortest person in your group
  • fill in any holes you dig before you leave the beach
  • if someone is trapped in sand, do not crowd them. Get immediate help, but the more people trying to excavate a person, the more pressure is put on the sand around them, and the more difficult it is to make progress.

Always have sunscreen

Sunscreen seems like an obvious choice every time you go to the beach, but it’s amazing how many people forget. Sunscreen is important on vacation for some obvious reasons; the first is that getting a sunburn is horrible, and can ruin your vacation. The second is that every time you damage your skin, you make it more likely you’ll eventually get skin cancer. Use sunscreen with the right SPF for you, and reapply regularly. Take breaks out of the sun to give your body a chance to cool off and rest.

Remember as well that the FDA recommends against using spray sunscreen on children because they’re not sure that the chemicals are safe for kids to breathe in.

Be aware of sunstroke

Heat exhaustion happens when your body gets too warm, and becomes dehydrated and loses salt. Symptoms include tiredness, weakness, and muscle cramps. Sunstroke or heatstroke is the next level of complication; the body becomes so affected that it loses the ability to regulate its temperature.

If untreated, heatstroke can be fatal.

Avoiding heatstroke is simple for most people who aren’t working or exercising in the sun. Basically, drink plenty of fluids, take breaks out of the sun to cool down, and avoid sunburns, as they affect your body’s ability to cool off. Be very cautious if someone in your group begins to vomit or seems confused or delirious. Young children in particular can be quickly affected by sunstroke, with catastrophic results.

You should also never leave a child in a parked car, especially in warm weather. Put something in the back seat along with your child to prompt you to look back there. Experts suggest your left shoe; you’ll quickly notice that you’ve forgotten something if you try to walk off with only one shoe on.

Water safety

At Adventures At Sea, we of course follow all Florida laws regarding safety on the water. Sometimes, this means requiring your party to wear life jackets. We know that people sometimes find them annoying, but we’ve also found that people tend to think of old, awkward, bulky life jackets. In recent years, designs have changed dramatically, and staying safe out on the water is much more comfortable than it used to be. And, after all – even strong swimmers can experience disaster. It could happen to anyone, and we want to make sure you stay safe.

Your beach vacation can be fantastic and fun. By making just a few small changes, you can also make sure it stays perfectly safe.

Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Florida’s Gulf Coast

May in Panama City Beach means lots of different things to different people. From the end of Spring Break season to the beginning of the most exciting parts of summer, May is a busy time. But for nesting sea turtles, this time of year has a very different meaning.

While sea turtles can begin to nest in southern parts of Florida as early as March, on the Gulf Coast, the season tends to begin in May. Here are five things you may not have known about nesting sea turtles:

  1. All species of sea turtles are currently endangered. Due to natural predators as well as human-caused factors like pollution, construction, and artificial lighting, fewer than one in a thousand sea turtles survives to adulthood.
  2. It can take between 15 and 50 years for a sea turtle to be mature enough to mate and lay eggs.
  3. While sea turtles travels hundreds of thousands of miles, living their lives in the ocean, they almost always return to the same beach where they were hatched to lay their eggs.
  4. Sea turtles are prehistoric reptiles that have existed for about one hundred million years.
  5. The biggest danger to hatchling sea turtles isn’t predators, but artificial lighting. Hatchlings navigate to the sea by orienting towards the brightest light, which should be the moon reflecting on the open ocean. Outdoor lighting that faces the beach can confuse them and cause them to get lost before they can reach the water. Hatchlings that don’t get into the water very quickly are at risk of death.

Florida is where the vast majority of American sea turtles make their nests, so as a visitor or resident of Florida’s coastal areas, what can you do to help protect the local sea turtle population?

  • If you’re renting a condo or property along the beach, turn off your lights at night. This will help keep any hatchlings from getting confused and heading in the wrong directions, and will also allow sea turtles to make their nests in peace.
  • During the months of sea turtle nesting season, May to October, avoid walking on the beach at night if you can. If you need to walk on the beach, do not use a flashlight or light from your smartphone.
  • If you find a turtle building her nest, do not disturb her. Do not take flash photography or go near her at all. If you frighten her, she’ll head back to the water and drop her eggs there, which means that all the eggs will be lost.
  • If you find a turtle nesting, or find a nest that’s already been laid, call the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission at (888)404-3922. This number is toll free and is a 24 hour hotline. Trained volunteers will then be able to come to mark and protect the nest, increasing the chances that the hatchlings will survive.

Want to know more about sea turtle nests and hatchings in Panama City Beach? You can track what’s happening with sea turtles at Panama City Beach’s Turtle Watch. The site hasn’t been updated with 2016 statistics as of this writing, but you can see what the organization has done historically, and see videos of the previous nest hatchings.

If you are a school or teacher in the area, find out about the organization’s Adopt-a-Nest program to have the chance to see the inside of a sea turtle’s nest.


Visit the Best of Panama City Beach

The famous travel site Tripadvisor has announced its 2016 list of the best beaches in the United States, and we’re more than thrilled to say that Panama City Beach made the top 10 list! Citing our sugar white sand and the chance of seeing dolphins playing on the horizon, the site used comments from users to help make its decision.

To add to the awesomeness of seeing our beach as one of the best in the U.S., we thought we’d suggest some of the other best places you should check out in PCB. Here’s the best of Panama City Beach, neatly compiled just for you!

Best Restaurants in Panama City Beach

Wondering where you should stop for a meal after an exciting morning on a Jet Ski or sailing out to see dolphins? Tripadvisor recommends:

  1. Andy’s Flour Power, a local cafe that serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The menu features all your favorites, from omelets to skillets at breakfast to sandwiches and salad for lunch. All the 5-star ratings say you’ve got to give this place a try.
  2. Liza’s Kitchen is located close to the beach and offers dog friendly outdoor seating. The menu focuses on sandwiches, salads, and soups, and reviewers love them!
  3. David’s Sno-Balls is the place to go if you want New Orleans style poboys and beignets in the warm sunshine of Panama City Beach. The muffalettas turn up frequently in reviews as must-trys.
  4. Finn’s Island Style Grub features a variety of fare, from fish tacos to chicken burrito bowls. A blend of Mexican, American, and Caribbean food with plenty of vegetarian options.
  5. Firefly is a great place to go if you want a dinner with a little more ambiance. With a wide variety of cuisine and tempting options, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. You can book online with Open Table, and the restaurant offers an early bird special for those who dine before 6:30, according to the website.

Best Seafood in Panama City Beach

But maybe you’re looking for something a little more fishy for your dinner – assuming, of course, that you’re not planning to catch your own – and want to know more about the best seafood in PCB? Tripadvisor has you covered there, too:

  • Firefly, one of the top 5 best restaurants overall, is also #1 when you search for seafood in Panama City Beach. Definitely a great place to try out!
  • Saltwater Grill offers seafood, Creole and Cajun cooking, as well as American fare. Both the Early Bird and the Main Menu are listed online, with reviewers noting that gluten-free options are clearly marked.
  • Dusty’s Oyster Bar & Dining is a great stop if you’re looking for some great food with a different sort of feel. Reviewers always mention the quality of the oysters and the quirky wallpaper of dollar bills.
  • Salty Sue’s offers seafood and barbecue with a big menu of options to try out. Reviewers compliment the simplicity of the atmosphere and the quality of the food.

If you’re still not sure where you want to eat after your next Panama City Beach adventure, ask us on your trip or tour. We’re happy to give personalized recommendations; everyone at Adventures at Sea has been in the area for years, and we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

Have you had a great meal in Panama City Beach? Tell us about it down below!

Join Us For Family Friendly Panama City Beach Vacations!

Let’s tell the truth: Panama City Beach has something of a reputation when it comes to Spring Break. In March and April, there have been times in the past where things have gotten a little too intense. The whole community has come together, however, to revamp things in the spring and make it clear that we’re here for your family friendly Panama City Beach experience.

New laws were passed in PCB last summer which go into effect this spring. The laws state that people can’t consume alcohol on our white sand beaches, that the closing time for bars will be earlier than it was previously, and that drinking in parking lots will be prohibited.

What this means for your family is that, if you’re traveling with kids, you shouldn’t see some of the problematic behavior that has concerned people in the past.

Wondering about some of the upcoming events that your kids might love, if you’re coming to PCB this spring?

The lineup for SpringJam has been announced, and includes Jamie Lyn Spears and Rascall Flatts.

If you like your music just a little smoother, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival will be something to see in late April.

Horse crazy kiddos will have a great chance to see a beautiful horse show, with proceeds going to charity.

And if you want to hear some of the best choral music around, then you need to see the amazing performances at the Panama City Beach Music Festival.

And that’s beyond all the exciting things that always happen in Panama City Beach, from kid friendly attractions to stimulating their imaginations.

If you’re traveling with your kids, it’s a good idea to call ahead and talk to the hotel or condo that you’re planning to rent. Ask them honestly, do they have a family friendly atmosphere? When do things usually quiet down? Check reviews on Yelp and other sources to make sure reviews agree with what you’re hearing from the business itself.

Make sure you’re planning activities that your kids will enjoy! Traveling with frustrated kids is a hassle for everyone, both you and them. Think about when your kids are going to be most relaxed and excited, and plan the fun part of your day at that point. If everyone’s a little tired and overwhelmed after lunch, plan to spend that time relaxing near your hotel’s pool, for example, rather than out in the sun on the beach again.

If you’re not sure what your kids will enjoy, give us a call! We’ve been doing this for years, and we’re happy to help you figure out what times and activities will be best for your family. From a boat cruise to see dolphins in their natural habitat to the chance to see the beach from high above on a parasail, we can give you suggestions on how to prepare them for what the trip will be like, what you might want to bring along to keep it fun for everyone, and how to make it a big success.

The long and the short of it is that we want everyone who comes to Panama City Beach to have a fantastic time. Looking for tips on how to make your PCB vacation more family friendly? Give us a call! We’re glad to help you plan.

Play Sports in Panama City Beach!

People come to Florida’s Emerald Coast for so many reasons. To see the gorgeous white sands beaches. To swim near dolphins. To experience the ocean for the first time. Now, more than every, people are choosing to visit to play sports in Panama City Beach.

Frank Brown Park, a local park that focuses on offering softball, swimming, soccer, and baseball events to visitors and residents, has recently announced a number of upgrades that they say will bring the park up to state of the art. Upgrades will include a new operations building, new dugouts, and new fencing. By 2018, they will also add a new sports village to their portfolio.

If you’re visiting Panama City Beach for spring break, or live in the area and wonder what you might want to do on a beach all day, we have a variety of fun suggestions for sports to play on the beach! Here are just a few ideas:


A beach side classic, volleyball nets dot the beach throughout Panama City Beach. Play a pick up game with whoever is there, or bring your friends and a ball to play. Run, dive into the sand, and then splash into the waves to cool off. It’s a favorite for a reason!

If you’re visiting the area, many of the hotels and condo rental buildings in the area have volleyball courts, just check their amenities.

And if you’re looking for a more formal volleyball experience in the area, check out the Emerald Coast Volleyball Club in nearby Fort Walton.

Ultimate Frisbee

If you still think of Frisbee as the goofy game that people in the 70s played with neon plastic discs, you need to pay attention: the sport has come a long way. From disc golf courses (Joe Moody Harris Park has a nine hole course) to Ultimate Frisbee leagues on the beach, these plastic discs have kept pace with modern sports. You’ll have tons of fun playing with your friends, or making brand new friends through the sport. Plus, if you need a Frisbee while you’re in town, many different restaurants use them as plates and souvenirs! You’ll never have to walk far to find one.


If you want the rush of extreme sports without the danger, you need to schedule a parasailing trip. While this is just one of the many rides we offer through Adventures at Sea, there’s nothing else quite like it. Parasailing is great for everyone, from people who’ve always wanted to fly but aren’t ready to try parachuting to those who just want to see the beach from a bird’s eye view. You can capture amazing photos or videos, or keep the entire experience for yourself. Either way, we’re sure you’ll love it. Go up on your own, or with someone whose hand you want to hold.

Whatever brings you to Panama City Beach, make sure to plan a little bit of time to do the thing that you love most, whether that’s engaging in some extreme, adrenaline inducing sports, luxuriating on the beach, or working up a sweat on the soccer field, Panama City Beach has you covered. We’re the Florida destination for spring break vacationers, but we are also a great space for families all year round.

Get in touch with us today to start planning the exciting adventures you’ll enjoy on your Panama City Beach excursion!