If you’re visiting Florida, or looking for a way to entertain visitors from out of town, you might have considered a Jet Ski rental. After all, Jet Skis and WaveRunners are a fantastic way to get close to the water while enjoying the wild rush of the salt spray in your face and the feeling of skipping over the waves. But after you’ve raced around a few times, what else is there really to do on a Jet Ski?

With one of our Jet Ski tours, we can answer that question!

Sunset Cruise

If you’re looking for a romantic tete-a-tete after your water play, a sunset cruise is always an option. Though we often do this tour on a boat, if being a little closer to water is more your style, then we can arrange to take you and your someone out on a Jet Ski tour to see the sunset. The way the setting sun seems to light the water on fire is unbelievable; photographs can’t capture it. If you’re here in the Emerald Coast, we recommend that you see it for yourself.

Dolphin Tours

If you’ve never seen wild dolphins playing in the water, you won’t believe how incredibly beautiful and inspirational the vision is. While you’re exploring Florida’s Gulf Coast, take time to go on a jet ski tour to visit the wild dolphin schools that live in the area. You’ll get to see them play, splashing through the water and waves; if you’re lucky, they might even come up to the Jet Skis to say hello.

Because these are wild dolphins, not the trained in captivity dolphins you see at the different Panama City Beach water attractions, we can’t guarantee that they’ll be where we expect them to be, but our tour leaders have been doing this for a number of years, and know the places they’re likely to find dolphins. We almost never come back to shore without seeing these beautiful sea animals up close.

Gorgeous Snorkeling

If you like to snorkel, Panama City Beach is the best place to be. St. Andrews State Park is considered one of the best places to snorkel in the Gulf Coast. If the goal of your WaveRunner tour or Jet Ski tour is to end up at somewhere where the snorkeling is amazing, let us know; we love to show people the natural beauty of the area. We’ll show you the most amazing snorkeling locations, where you can see the natural wildlife on Florida’s sea floor—and we’ll make sure that getting there is an exciting ride on your Jet Ski rental.

Visit Shell Island

One of the few untouched and undeveloped spaces left in Florida, no visit to the Emerald Coast is complete without a trip to Shell Island. Remember that the island isn’t equipped with restaurants, bathrooms, or trash cans, so you need to take out what you bring in, but that helps to support the beautiful natural environment, and keep it beautiful for generations to come. Pack a picnic lunch in the waterproof compartment of our WaveRunner, and then enjoy it on the beach of Shell Island.

There’s a lot more fun to a WaveRunner or Jet Ski tour than just splashing through the waves and racing your friends—although that’s definitely fun too! Schedule your trip today and make sure that you tell us all the awesome things you want to achieve; we’ll help you fit them all in!