This is an extensive list of fishing knot resources and fishing knot articles available on the internet that have detailed information on the most used and trusted knots for fishing, including fly fishing knots, provided by experienced fishing experts and anglers.


Animated Knots by Grog

Animated Knots by Grog is an extensive resource for the types of fishing knots that are used by expert fishermen. The fishing knots are to be used with braided fishing line and there is not any need to untie the knots specified. The Arbor, Davy, Australian Braid, and Dopper knots are just a few fishing knots covered in this detailed guide.



Netknots contains every fishing knot imaginable by application, knot name, and category. These knots and instructions also contain descriptions for what each knot is used for.



The Wired 2 Fish Fishing Knot Guide

15 Fishing Knots Every Angler Should Know by Jason Sealock is a description of 15 fishing knots that will help bass fishing enthusiast. They cover more complicated loops and connections to fast knots to get back to fishing after a catch. The 15 fishing knots are composed of the most used and trusted knots of professional anglers and guides.



Take Me Fishing

The website offers this literature on the knots you need to know in fishing. It covers the basic Clinch knots, Palomar knots, Blood tie knots, and the Non-slip loop knots to tie on lures and rigs. It is a basic starter knot guide.


6Berkley Fishing

Berkley offers an Angler Education section of the website dedicated to the correct use of fishing knots. The content includes instructions for the angler fishing knots along with instructional videos on how to tie the fishing knots. The knots included are the Palomar knot, Uni-knot, Surgeons Knot, Improved Clinch knot, Trilene knot, Berkley Braid knot, and the Nano-fil knot.



Fish4Fun has very clear illustrations of the different fishing knots and lots of them with clear instructions to go along with them. This is an excellent resource for fishing knot illustration images for the beginner. They also offer a “Knot Tying: Fishing Knots” interactive CD for instructional purposes that teaches the more popular fishing knots and ties.


8 has some useful tips and tricks on Fly Fishing knots. The site also covers how to put a loop at the end of a fly fishing line with two nail knots. It gives detailed instructions on davy knots and the perfection loop knot. The information on the site is coming from experienced anglers giving their most valued advice on fly fishing techniques and knots.


10 has descriptions and information on some common fishing knots, along with illustrations and instructions on how and when to use which knots. The site covers the all-purpose fishing knots, the improved clinch knot, the uniknot, and the palomar knot that joins fishing line to snaps and lures, using the double wrap makes the line stronger. The arbor knot for anglers and the blood knot are also illustrated.



Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center

Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center provides the leading source for fly fishing knot tying. They have the most trusted information in fly fishing knots. They provide animations and video tutorials on tying Clinch knots, Blood knots, Non-slip Mono Loop, Double Surgeons Loop, Perfection Loop, and of course the Orvis knot.