Kids at the STEM camp at Florida State University had an attention grabbing moment in mid-June, when two helicopters and a powered parasail arrived at the camp to show them some of the intriguing things that are happening in aviation.

At Adventures At Sea, we strongly believe that parasailing for kids is safe, fun, educational, and can provide valuable perspective to kids who are interested.

If you’ve never parasailed before, It’s an unbelievable experience. You’ll enjoy the gorgeous, lovely views of the gorgeous blue waters and pale beaches of Florida’s exquisite Gulf Coast. But if you or your child are interested in the sciences, parasailing can be even more.

Love marine biology?  

If your kid loves ocean life, taking them parasailing allows kids to see the grand vistas of the ocean from a perspective they’ll never achieve on the ground. From above, they can identify:

  • Stingrays
  • Schools of dolphins
  • Sea Turtles

And watch the way these animals interact with each other and the water from 300 feet in the air, seeing a grander picture than you could on the beach, or even on a boat tour.

Fascinated by aviation and aerodynamics?

If your child is a budding engineer or physicist, the chance to feel the forces at play in flight first hand is like no other. When you parasail, you’re strapped into a harness which is attached to a parachute. A line connects you to the back of a boat. While the boat coasts over the waves, air catches in the parachute and lits you up into the sky. You get to experience the unique beauty of flight without the roar of a jet engine or the training necessary with a parachuting trip.

A couple sails on a rainbow parachute against pale blue sky

If you’re coming to Panama City Beach, Florida, on a family vacation, and are planning to go parasailing with your kids, have them ask their science or biology teacher if they can get extra credit for writing a report about what they see and feel while parasailing.

Concerned that your child will be afraid once they get in the air?  

You know your child best. If you’re concerned that your kid will be nervous up in the air, remember that our parasailing harnesses can hold up to 500 pounds and up to three people. We can strap in an adult and a kid, so that you’ll be there if your child is afraid.

How to prepare a kid for parasailing 

If you’re planning to bring your child with you to parasail at Adventures at Sea in Panama City Beach, Florida, there are a number of ways you may be able to help your kid know what to expect. If your child is the nervous type, but is excited about the possibilities, there are some great ways to help them mentally prepare for what they might see while parasailing. You could:

  • Watch videos together that have been taken during parasailing
  • Show them aerial view photos of the area
  • Talk to them about what sort of safety precautions we take at Adventures At Sea, such as making sure that we strap you into your harness and verify that it’s secure, and only “dipping” you in the water if you request it.

If you want a safe and exciting adventure with parasailing for kids, book your trip at Adventures at Sea in Panama City Beach, Florida. Give us a call, book your adventure online–or if you’re already near Lagoon Drive, swing by and say hello!

Book your parasailing adventure today to reserve the date and time you most want! We’ll make sure both you and your kids have an amazing parasailing trip, where you see the gorgeous vistas of both Panama City Beach, and the Gulf Coast of Florida.

A sandy, pale Gulf Coast beach with a single palm tree, and warm blue waters with small waves.