Shell Island Tours in Panama City Beach

You’ve done the banana boat rides and the charter fishing trips. You’ve tried out Jet Skis and WaveRunners. You’ve even rented a lounge chair and relaxed in the sun with the waves crashing on the surf. You’ve seen it all, right?

Not until you’ve booked a tour to Shell Island off Panama City Beach, you haven’t.

Shell Island is an undeveloped barrier island off Florida’s Emerald Coast. It runs around 7 miles from east to west, and is made up of graceful sand dunes, pine hammocks, and shrub forest. An inland lake provides a home to shorebirds and deer; the protected shore means that a variety of crabs, coastal wildlife, and endangered species all make their homes on Shell Island.

The western half of Shell Island is part of the St. Andrews State Park. It’s as natural as Florida gets, which means that you won’t be stopping at a concession stand or stopping at a picnic table. But you will get a chance to see some of the most beautiful, untouched wild land left on the East Coast, and get a chance to see a variety of endangered species.

When you book a boat tour to Shell Island with us, we’ll take you to the secret coastline areas that most tourists don’t get to see. You can bring a lunch or beverages, but make sure to pack up anything that you take, to avoid damaging this natural habitat for future visitors.

And of course, seeing Shell Island is only part of the tour! As we cross out to the island, keep a sharp eye out for dolphins; we often see wild schools in the area. You could also make a Shell Island rest stop part of a charter fishing trip.

Your Panama City Beach vacation isn’t complete until you’ve see the natural and lovely beauty of Shell Island. Contact us today to book your trip and make your vacation one to remember.